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13 Deepika Padukone Reactions That Are Basically ALL Of Us!

13 Deepika Padukone Reactions That Are Basically ALL Of Us!

Deepika Padukone has evoked the ‘That’s so me!’ reaction more times than we can count. She’s awesome and we ALL know it. So, ladies, here are 13 Deepika Padukone reactions that are so on point! Let us know if you relate to them as much as we do.
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1. When you see someone else flirting with your crush

1 Deepika Padukone reactions

2. … And then when you see him flirting back

2 Deepika Padukone reactions

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3. When it’s raining and you want a beer and someone says that it’s a dry day!

3 Deepika Padukone reactions

4. When a guy breaks your bestie’s heart

4 Deepika Padukone reactions

5. When your friends are discussing Game of Thrones and you’re the only one who hasn’t watched it.

5 Deepika Padukone reactions

6. When you see a hot guy

6 Deepika Padukone reactions


7. When bae is late for the date!

7 Deepika Padukone reactions

8. When you walk out of the examination hall after your last exam!

8 Deepika Padukone reactions

9. When you are arguing with bae but then you have to give in because he’s right

9 Deepika Padukone

10. When someone asks for the last slice of pizza

10 Deepika Padukone


11. When you are on a Goa trip and you get your period

11 Deepika Padukone

12. When bae burps loudly in public!

12 Deepika Padukone

13. When you take off your bra at the end of the day!

13 Deepika padukone

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27 Apr 2017

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