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7 Amazing Reasons You Should Read Bedtime Stories To Your Baby

7 Amazing Reasons You Should Read Bedtime Stories To Your Baby

Did you know that reading bedtime stories to your munchkins can benefit them in more than one way? It can put them to sleep quickly and also enhance their creative thinking abilities from an early age. In fact, a study published by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development determined that when parents or caregivers interact verbally with babies, including reading to them, they learn a great deal more than ever thought possible.

It’s safe to say that narrating well-defined stories to your munchkins have proven benefits and can help instill moral values in them. 

When To Start Reading Bedtime Stories To Your Baby

You can start reading to your baby early on to help with their language and cognitive development

It’s never too early to introduce your little one to the world of storybooks. Experts suggest that you start reading to your baby from an early age to boost their imagination. The best way you can start reading to your little one is by setting some time aside every day. Their naptime and bedtime are ideal. Making reading a part of the nighttime routine will help your baby calm down and will also eliminate sleep confusion. 

Why Should You Read Bedtime Stories To Your Baby

Reading to your little one will help them process words faster. It’s also a great way to improve the interaction between you and your munchkin. Your little one will love to stare at the colourful pictures and have a good time listening to the fairy tales. We’ve also listed some other reasons you should start reading to your baby.

Language And Vocabulary Skills

According to doctors, babies who listen to at least five storybooks a day, hear about 1.4 million or more words than other babies by kindergarten. Reading one book a day could introduce your baby to a significant number of words and sounds. Also, did you know that babies are believed to rehearse sounds of words in their minds long before they utter their first words? Moreover, a baby who has been exposed to language at an early age will have an easier time pronouncing words, using them in sentences, and learning their meanings.

Develops Cognitive Skills

By listening to the stories you read to them, your baby will try to absorb information about the language you are speaking. Your baby will also learn to turn pages and listen to new words at around 10 months. As they continue to grow, they will grasp the process of reading from left to right. Moreover, by their first birthday, your baby will also develop problem-solving skills by listening to the stories that you read to them.

Strengthens Parent-child Relationship

Storybook-reading can be a great way to improve parent-baby relationship

Reading is a great way to strengthen your bond with your munchkin. It is a moment when you sit with them and they have your complete attention. Even your baby is free from other distractions and has their undivided attention towards you. This strengthens the parent-baby bond and nurtures the relationship in the long run.

Emotional Development

When you read to them, babies pay close attention to your expressions and enunciations. This helps them understand the tones of your voice and the underlying emotions behind them. Moreover, as your baby notices the illustrations in the stories, they tend to develop ideas about different animals, toys, and so on. You will also find them using new words and expressions to show their feelings.

Becomes A Good Habit

When you make storybook-reading a part of your little one’s routine, it becomes a habit and a part of their life.  You will find that gradually reading becomes a pleasure, and you won’t even have to ask them to read a book once they grow up. Who knows, later in life, their habit of reading could also open doors to writing.

Relieves Anxiety

Reading a book to your child is a good way to relax their mind and body before going to sleep. Even if they are overstimulated, storybook reading could involve them in a whole different world of imagination and relieve them from all anxieties.

Helps In Preparation For School

Reading a story to your child regularly can improve their phonemic awareness, which is the ability to listen, and recreate sounds of specific words. This skill combined with potentially better vocabulary may make it easier for your little one to understand language and other concepts once they start going to school.

What Kind Of Stories Can You Read To Your Baby

A simple storybook with lots of colourful illustrations will work. You can also get storybooks that have pictures of different birds, animals, shapes, and colours. Even though your little one may not be able to identify the pictures, they will soon get attracted to the different patterns and contrasting colours. Also, try to read stories with a moral in them to help them pick up on values and virtues.

What To Note When Reading To Your Baby 

Try to make reading a fun and interesting activity for your baby

Try not to make storybook reading a monotonous activity for your munchkin and yourself. Keep it fun and interesting so that your baby looks forward to the story-reading time every day. Here are some tips you can try.

  • Read out the stories with excitement and joy! This will help them feel associated with the stories.
  • Give them the opportunity to recognise pictures, learn words, and imitate new sounds.
  • Shower them with love and cuddles while reading so that your baby feels safe, warm, and connected.
  • Use different emotions and expressive sounds to foster their social and emotional development.
  • Turn off any distractions such as radio or television.
  • Make funny animal sounds or sing rhymes to them.

Bedtime stories can take your little one to an imaginary world with endless possibilities of fun. Therefore, make this activity a habit in your child’s routine and enjoy some bonding time with them.

28 Mar 2022

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