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5 Reasons Why Organic Products Are Trending In India

5 Reasons Why Organic Products Are Trending In India

Have a quick glance at your bathroom cabinet. There is bound to be at least one product labeled ‘organic.’ That’s the impact of the green beauty industry that has turned many of us into natural beauty fans. After all, with a plethora of skincare benefits, the move is justified.

Scroll down to know why organic products are such a rage in the country and discover your organic must-buys here!


Organic Products Don’t Contain Harsh Chemicals

Check the labels of your everyday beauty products and you’ll realise that most have chemicals that may be damaging to your health. For instance, lipsticks have lead, a chemical known to cause reproduction dysfunction and leave traces of black patches. Another chemical known as parabens found in shampoos and conditioners can cause hormonal imbalance. So, it makes sense to invest in natural, chemical-free products that are hand harvested for skin that looks and feels great!

POPxo recommends: Organic Harvest Exfoliating Face Scrub (Rs 495). Buy it here.


These Products Are Eco-Friendly

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Many organic skincare companies encourage earth-friendly practices such as recyclable packaging. In their homegrown ingredients, they don’t use any fertilisers and pesticides, thus keeping the environment safe.



POPxo recommends: Organic Harvest Retention Hydrating Moisturiser (Rs 1,595) Buy it here.

Organic Products Are 100% Cruelty-Free

If a brand does not test its products on animals at any point during their creation, then the brand is considered cruelty-free. This is a critical step in becoming a more ethical beauty consumer. If you’re a conscious buyer, opt for organic products because they are not tested on animals. This will go a long way in making a difference.


POPxo recommends: Organic Harvest Blush Shine & Glow Cream (Rs 1,495). Buy it here.

They Actually Improve Your Skin

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Most organic products use plant-based formulas that improve your skin when you wear them. As the products are crafted with hydrating ingredients such as olive oil and fruit extracts, they protect it from environmental damage and don’t cause any skin irritation. You know what this means? People with all skin types can use these!

They Are Affordable

Organic products that are hand harvested, sustainably farmed and 100% cruelty-free don’t have to break your bank balance. One of the most affordable organic beauty brands in India is Organic Harvest which offers a full range of products that are eco-friendly and good for your skin.


Tip when buying: You can check the certification from different organisations to be sure about the eco-friendly practices adopted by brands. All products from the Indian homegrown brand Organic Harvest are certified by Global organisations like EcoCert, OneCert, and Natrue, so they are safe to use.

*This is a sponsored post for Organic Harvest.  

07 Feb 2018
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