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Lips Don’t Lie: Reasons Why Your Favourite Lip Balm Isn’t Doing Its Job Lately

Lips Don’t Lie: Reasons Why Your Favourite Lip Balm Isn’t Doing Its Job Lately

One a bad day, there’s always lipstick…unless you have really chapped lips and that lipstick is only gonna make matters worse! Arghh.

Did you know that our lips are really sensitive? In fact, they have the thinnest (yes, thinner than my patience) layer of skin and thus require more love and care. But sometimes, even after using our treasured lip balm all day long, they just keep on getting more chapped. Wonder what could be causing that?

Reasons Your Lips Are Drier Than The Sahara

When you have super dry lips that look more on the whiter shade of the colour family than pink, are constantly peeling out and bleed when you smile (the dry skin tears off), it means your lips are chapped to the lords!

Remember, our lips do NOT have any oil glands or pores, thus keeping them hydrated is a must! Here are some reasons why your lips might be getting chapped:


Our lips are prone to dryness, especially during the winters due to the UV radiation of the sun and the cold weather.

What to do:

– Apply a lip balm that contains SPF.

– Exfoliate your lips twice a week.

– Use a dry toothbrush to scrape off the dead skin, followed by the application of lip oils. Ghee works too.

– Lip masks are always a great idea. 


Stop reading, go have a drink a glass of water and come back!

We often don’t realise it but not drinking enough water has multiple consequences on our body, one being chapped lips.

What to do:

– Keep a bottle around you and take a sip every time someone annoys you (or make your own challenge!).

– Keep your lips hydrated from outside too. Do not stop applying that lip balm.

– Eat fruits and vegetables that have higher water content such as cucumbers, watermelons, beans and tomatoes.

Matte Lipstick

No one will tell you this but your favourite matte lipstick is responsible for sucking the moisture out of your pink lips!

What to do:

– Apply a lip balm before applying your lipstick. If possible, go for hydrating or ayurvedic lipsticks.

– Use an oil-based cleanser to remove your lipstick, and apply an overnight lip mask to keep them hydrated.


You may not even realise this but a lip product can cause chapped lips. How? It can be due to an allergic reaction to a particular ingredient such as an essential oil, cosmetic colour or some food ingredient.

What do to:

– If your lips are swollen, use ice to tone down the allergy.

– Identify which recent product must’ve caused it.

– Notice if your lips start getting dry if you use a particular lip product and toss it out.

– Use only natural lip hydrators till your lips feel fine.

Sun Damage

The sun is hot and most definitely responsible for dry lips!

What to do:

– Use an SPF based lip balm.

– Drink loads of water.

– Look for lip balms that have shea butter and beeswax in them.

Did you know that using a nipple cream is also an excellent way to treat dry lips?


Did you know that certain medicines can lead to cracked lips? The most common being medicines for high blood pressure, chemotherapy drugs and antidepressants. These drugs decrease the production of saliva and cause our lips and mouth to dry.

What to do:

– Drink loads of water.

– Use a lip balm regularly.


There are two ways in which vitamins can result in dry or chapped lips.

1) Lack of Vitamins: Lack of Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 can result in cracking of lips.

2)Vitamin Overdose: Too much Vitamin A can also result cause cracked lips, dryness around the mouth and peeling of lips.

What to do:

– If you are taking any supplements (overdose of vitamin A), either keep them under control or keep your lips super hydrated.

– Eat foods enriched in Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 such as eggs, peas, green vegetables, cereals and soya beans.

Say no to dry lips!

Featured Image: Instagram

06 Jul 2020

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