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Like A Lion: 6 Reasons Why Leos Make The Best Sexual Partners Of All Time

Like A Lion: 6 Reasons Why Leos Make The Best Sexual Partners Of All Time

Leo is the zodiac sign represented by a lion and just like lions, this sign is fiery, dominant, and passionate. So naturally, sex in the life of Leos has to be glamorous, exciting, and full of passion too. Without the right mood and ambience, it might be tough to ignite a fire in the bedroom with a Leo. Think jazz music and satin bedsheets with champagne and strawberries. Bubbly, am I right?

Leos are touted to be assertive and bold and usually tend to take the lead, even in the bedroom. If you know the right moves, you might actually end up being among their favourites as it is also super easy to please them. This and so much more make Leos the best sexual partners of all time. Here are some more reasons that you might want to know.

Reasons You Will Have The Best Sex With A Leo

While other sun signs have their own advantages in the bedroom, Leos will make you feel like a queen/king in bed. Not only will they be awesome, but will also make sure that you are having a good time too. Read on!

They Are Experimental


This sun sign will make sure there is a different kind of sexual experience every time you are with them. If your partner is a Leo, chances are that you have tried the best of the best sex routines. From positions to kinky handcuffs, there is nothing that a Leo will not want to try in bed. They are anything but vanilla which is what makes sex with them so awesome.

They’re Supremely Loyal

When Leos are cherished, valued, and celebrated, they are the most loyal partners. If you’re not loyal to them or treat them with disrespect, they will have the vengeance of a cat. Treat a Leo with love and seduce them with new things in the bedroom and you will have the most romantic sexual partner ever.

A Beast In The Bedroom


Just like how a lion is the king of the jungle, Leos love to be the same between the sheets. They love to dominate and make the rules which can be a big turn-on for many. Leos will introduce you to new things and make sure you are always entertained in bed.

They Are Honest AF!

No pun intended! If Leos don’t like something, they will talk about it. For good sex, you sometimes need to know and tell if there’s something that is not right. Leos will not hesitate to be that person and that is one of their best traits.

Secretly Emotional


As we mentioned, honesty is of utmost importance to them. Sometimes, they tend to get emotional with their partner, even in the bedroom. As they say, with great passion, comes great feelings. Did you know that they are prone to bouts of jealousy? And you don’t want that!

They Give What They Get

Don’t worry about leaving the bedroom not feeling satisfied when you’re with a Leo. If you give them a good time, they will make sure they return the favour. Tit for tat *wink wink*!

Signs That Are Most Sexually Compatible With Leos


Leo’s sexual compatibility kicks in the best with signs like Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. These sun signs together are the perfect match and ignite a lot of fire in the bedroom. However, signs including Taurus and Scorpio clash the most with Leos in the bedroom due to similar traits. What has been your experience with a Leo?

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24 Jul 2020

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