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Not Fair! 5 Reasons Umar Riaz Doesn’t Deserve To Be In BB 15 Bottom Six

Not Fair! 5 Reasons Umar Riaz Doesn’t Deserve To Be In BB 15 Bottom Six

A lot is happening in the Bigg Boss 15 house right now and it can affect Umar Riaz big, big, time. While he almost dodged the elimination bullet last night, thanks to his fans, he can still get evicted. Apparently, the wild cards, Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rakhi Sawant, can vote him out of the house as he’s still in the unsafe zone. Honestly, we’re not okay with it and do not think that he deserves to leave the show at all.

To begin with, the fact that Umar was chosen as a bottom-six gharwala was quite a shocker for many of us. While the decision was taken by the media people, it was defs not the audience’s call. His fans find him a strong contestant and an entertainer who has a loud and clear voice about everything. In fact, we have reasons to believe that in the upcoming weeks, he can turn out to be one of the strongest gharwalas in BB 15. Scroll ahead to know why we think so.

5 Reasons We Think Umar Riaz Is An Underdog Who Can Change The Game

Here are the reasons why we think that Umar should not be evicted from the house by the wild cards aka the VIP members:

He Takes A Stand For Himself, Even By Calling Out His Friends


Dumbledore said in Harry Potter, “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” And, Umar has that strength. When Tejasswi Prakash called him weak, he was quick to call her out and remind her that his profession helped him save lives and remain emotionally strong. He confronted Karan Kundrra when he called him names and didn’t mince his words while doing so at all. Umar is neither influenced nor scared of anyone in the house and we think that’s one commendable quality.

His Captaincy Proved He’s A Good Leader


Umar as a captain was fair and believed in leadership rather than dictatorship. He discussed with his housemates about their comfort zones before assigning duties to them. He was considerate of their opinions and worked diligently by making sure that no one was breaking rules. We think Umar has what it takes to run the BB 15 house and we’d love to see him do that in the future as well.

He Gives His All In Tasks


In last night’s episode, Umar gave his best to win the task and it was evident. From trying all means to make the gharwalas laugh to not holding back while getting a reaction from them, he did it all. He has been consistently trying to win every task in the house and honestly, we’re impressed. It’s quite refreshing to see someone perform in the game rather than just trying to get a karya radhh—yes, we’re looking at you, Pratik Sehajpal!

He Is Honest With His Decisions


Umar is quite clear in his head about his decisions and he does not shy away from calling a spade a spade. From letting Shamita Shetty know that he wouldn’t risk his captaincy for her to taking Teja in the VIP room because she’s his friend’s connection, he was honest about his reasonings always. Umar has never backstabbed or manipulated anyone in the game to move ahead and that’s truly saying something for a BB contestant.

He’s Entertaining AF!


We love Umar, Rajiv Adatia and Karan’s random dance sesh in the washroom. Barring a few, doctor sahab has a great equation with everyone in the house and we love his fun banters with his friends. He respects his friendship in the game and he’s truly a trustworthy contestant.

Overall, Umar is a strong gharwala with a sharp mind and good heart, and we think that’s a combination we rarely find in Bigg Boss. Now that we have, we cannot stop rooting for him!

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26 Nov 2021

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