Sex On Your Period? Here Are Seven Reasons You Should Absolutely Go For It!

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Sep 16, 2020
Sex On Your Period? Here Are Seven Reasons You Should Absolutely Go For It!


Period sex is even more fun than your routine session. Yes! You can go back and read that again. The fun doesn’t have to stop even when you’re bleeding from your vagina. Well, unless you’re feeling a bit squeamish yourself.

So, if you are totally loving the idea but skeptical about trying it, here are some benefits of period sex that’ll leave you convinced. It can be a bit messy but hey, messy is good, right? Well, if you agree with us then scroll down to read these period sex benefits.

7 Reasons To Have Period Sex

Fret no more because these reasons will transform your sex life. Read on to know how.

Reliefs from cramps


Orgasms are said to relieve menstrual cramps. When you have an orgasm, the muscles of your uterus contract and release. This release brings a lot of relief from the period cramps.

More lube, baby

We all know how extra lubrication increases the chances of getting an orgasm. Think of the extra fluid that comes out of your va-jay-jay during your period as extra lubrication during sex. Multiple orgasms, anyone?

It can help you with a headache

Headaches are common for women on their period. Migraine headaches are also quite common for most women during this time. Having sex when you’re chumming is a great way to ease this problem. It helps reduce the headache by releasing happy hormones. 

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Shorter periods


What if we tell you that you can reduce the number of days you get your period when you have sex during that time? Muscle contractions during an orgasm push out the content in your uterus faster. That could result in shorter period days.

Lesser chances of getting pregnant

Read less and not NO. It is less likely for you to get pregnant when you’re on your period. However, the likelihood of pregnancy totally depends on the length of your menstrual cycle. Don’t forget to use a condom in any case. 

Messy is hot

Well, the fear of staining your bed can actually get you to have sex in other places. Explore the sopts in your house and try out multiple positions. There is no limit to period sex! Enjoy it all.

Your sex drive will increase


The hormones in your body are rapidly changing every day, especially when you’re on your period. Most women who are ovulating have increased sex drive but if you have sex on your period, you will feel the same too. Imagine being turned on at all times? 

Excited to add this to your sex checklist?


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