Byebye, Bad Boy! 17 Reasons To Date The NICE Guy

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016


What’s your all-time favourite romantic movie? Whichever it may be, we’re sure it ended with the guy keeping his entire world at the girl’s feet. Even if he started out being the cliched “bad guy”, the story doesn’t end till things change and he promises to love her unconditionally. *Swoon* Stuff dreams are made of! Believe it or not, all your romantic fantasies come to life only with a “nice guy”. The lure a bad boy has is that of a heady, unpredictable chase – and it ends as soon as the everyday sets in. If you’re still unsure of why you should give a relationship with the nice guy a shot, we have for you 17 reasons that could help you change your mind!

1. You’ll have peace of mind

You won’t need to worry about his whereabouts, you won’t lose your cool if his phone gets switched off or even if his ex is in town – you know he’s going to stay loyal to you!

nice guy -1

2. You won’t have to read between the lines

He will mean exactly what he says, so you won’t have to worry around decoding the ACTUAL meaning or intent behind his words. Nice guys don’t play silly mind games, you know. There’s a reason they’re nice!

3. He’ll be chivalrous, and (if you’re lucky) old-school romantic too!

Don’t we all love guys who have their etiquette in place? Opening doors for you, pulling out chairs, waiting for you to start the meal. That’s the dream!

nice guy -3

4. You’ll always have his attention

You won’t feel like you’re bugging him or interrupting him when you call him for little things. He’ll be all ears and save you from that trip to guilty lane!

5. He’ll come with minimal baggage

There’ll most probably be nothing scandalous from his past that you can’t come to terms with!

nice guy -5

6. Get ready for all that pampering!

You know just how much you mean to him when he showers you with all that love and pampering.

7. You’re comfortable introducing him to your parents

And you know for a fact that they’ll approve of him. So, no uncertainty there!

nice guy -7

8. And your siblings and aunts too!

Don’t be surprised if they all say “he’s a catch” at the end of this meeting.

9. When he turns bad, he’ll turn you on WAY more than all the bad boys combined

Yea, we’re talking about the bed. :p

nice guy_9

10. He will always want the best for you

He will push you towards your life goals, and will play an important part in you achieving your dreams.

11. He’ll always be considerate

EVEN in bed. Need we say more? 😉

nice guy - 11

12. Life will be a happy journey with him

Along with the butterflies and the trembling knees, he’ll also give you the “growing old together” happy moments. 🙂

13. You can safely look forward to a stable future with him

Those little fights and disagreements won’t shake up your relationship.You’d want to spend the rest of your life with him despite those pesky little fights!

nice guy -13

14. You’ll be a better version of yourself with him

He won’t just be nice to you, but to the world outside too – and that’s sort of contagious. It’ll catch up on you and you’ll eventually discover a better version of yourself. 🙂

15. He’ll go out of his way to make your life easier

No trouble would seem as big as it did before, with him by your side!

nice guy - 15

16. At the end of the day, you two will have a fulfilling relationship

One in which your opinion will matter as much as his. 🙂

17. Life will just feel light and easy with him

And you’ll know exactly why it never worked out with anyone else!

nice guy -17

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