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10 Reasons You Gotta LOVE The Taurus Women!

10 Reasons You Gotta LOVE The Taurus Women!

Falling in the birth dates of April 20-May 21, the Taurus woman is said to be the ultimate Earth sign. These women are ruled by Venus and follow the motto “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals”. Lovers of beauty, they are sexy by nature, in fact Taureans, like Librans, cherish the finer things in life. However, unlike Libra which is an air sign, Taurus is an earth sign, and hence Taureans tend to be more grounded people. They also display very high qualities like courage and endurance.


Personality Traits
Love Life
Home Life
Career and Money

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Taurus women!


Taurus Woman: Personality Traits

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  • Nature: Tender and caring, Taurus women often show a strength of character that is both understanding and firm. Being sensible and patient also means that she is often the most loved by family, and maintains a good relationship with everyone.
  • Temperament: Balance is key in a Taurus woman’s life. She is rarely seen with tempers risen and would rather take a walk to clear her head than confront the issue/ person with passion.
  • Likes/ Dislikes: The Taurus woman is a sucker for security. She would rather wait and watch from a distance than dive headfirst into any situation. Not a big fan of adventures, she can sometimes get comfortable in the monotony of life and forget to take more chances.

Taurus Woman: Love Life


  • Lifelong relationships: As mentioned above, Taurus women are able to maintain long-lasting relationships due to their sensible nature and patient demeanor.  
  • Emotional Quotient: A Taurean rarely takes herself seriously. That is why being in love with her is always a fun time. She is playful and has a great sense of humor that can sometimes even be quite NSFW!
  • Favorable Partners: The Taurus woman is serene, which is why she attracts the sensitive and composed types. Potential partners can sense her solid and genuine demeanour, that is why they mold themselves to be equally real and without any pretenses.
  • Supportive Nature: The Taurus woman is very affectionate and commits herself without any inhibitions. Although they are known for being sometimes self-centered, in relationships, she will always put her lover’s need before her.

Taurus Woman: Sex Life


  • Sensuality: Deeply sensual, the Taurus woman savours sex as one of the greatest joys of life. A big fan of foreplay and cuddling, the art of lovemaking is more than just a necessity for this sexy lady. She regards mutual fulfillment as the best way to be intimate with someone.
  • Preferences: While she is highly sensual, she appreciates a man taking charge. She won’t waste time in trying to get him out of his shy shell so she’s best off with men who are prepared to sweep her off her feet!
  • Attitude Towards Sex: Extremely adventurous in the bedroom, her partner’s likely to be surprised by her intensity and energy. She likes to mix sex with emotional bonding, brightening it up with conversation and genuine affection.
  • Highly Affected By Sense: As compared to other sun signs, the Taurus woman is extremely receptive to touch. Even though a man may woo her with his witty one liners, if his touch is not satisfying to her, he might not be able to forge the strongest of bonds. A Taurean is a big fan of genuine physical contact, she doesn’t hurry and she enjoys every moment of intimacy.

Taurus Woman: Home Life


  • Living Space: You can pretty much tell a Taurus woman apart from others by looking at her living space. She thrives by the things that surround her and will make sure that her guests feel as comfortable and at home there as she does.
  • Material Possessions and Decor: While a Taurean strikes a balance between things and feelings, her possessions are well thought out. Her furnishings are practical and homely, well taken care of and made of quality materials. She is extremely fond of earthy elements like wood, crystals, plants and other objects from the ground.
  • The Environment: The Taurus woman loves nature and the outdoors. You are sure to find a well-tended garden in her space, growing vegetables and fruits with beautiful flowers. Even if she lives in the city, you are sure to find similar earthy colors in her surroundings.

Taurus Woman: Family


  • Children: Known to be very involved nurturers, amazing cooks leaning towards a healthy lifestyle and incredibly clean home. Children with Taurean mothers can be sure to always have the best lunches at schools, the comfiest beds at home and a trusted parent to talk to. Although, she does demand a certain level of obedience and good behaviour from the young ones!
  • Parents and Siblings: If you have ever known a Taurus woman, you will know how fondly they remember their childhood. They believe in carrying on family traditions in their own lives and are extremely loyal to family members.
  • Wife: Taurean women believe in sharing the responsibility of raising a family together with strength and resilience. She will stand by her partner during whatever earthly problems he’s going through!

Taurus Women: Career & Money


  • Nature Of Work: Taurean women are strong and determined, they are eager to learn and grow in the workplace. They are never afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the groundwork. Taurus women are usually seen employed in design fields like graphics, architecture, interiors, or fashion. They can also be artists, poets, or musicians.
  •  Taurean women are highly passionate about their careers. They work really hard towards reaching their goal. They are super reliable and love their job.
  • Money:  A Taurus woman manages her money well! She knows exactly where to save cash and where to spend in order to strike a balance between earnings and expenditure. After all, the reason she does work so hard is to be able to afford the finer things in life. She’s not greedy and can curate a well-rounded portfolio of wealth and investments.
  • Career: There are a few things a Taurus woman’s career can boast of… consistency, good at finance, longevity and practical moves. Being practical, this woman will look for good value in her jobs. She believes in quality work and won’t shy in working overtime when necessary and giving her full commitment.
  • Social Standing: The Taurus woman is not usually an innovator or a natural leader, but a hard worker. Dependable and persevering, she is known to work great with teams in achieving common goals. Since she has a creative eye, she is usually known as the problem solver, thinking outside the box.

Taurus Woman: FAQs

Sr. No.QuestionResponse
1.What kind of people are Taurus women?Taurus women are famously known to be reliable, logical, passionate and sensual. They have an eye for the arts, creativity and beauty. They are usually good with money, are supportive lovers and extremely loyal to their family and friends.
2. What are the qualities of a Taurus Woman?Taurean women have many winning qualities in them. They are emotionally strong, powerful, good with handling stress, loyal, introverted, artistic, genuine, easy in their temperament and a little tomboyish.
3.Which zodiac signs are compatible with Taurus women?Ideal love interests for the Taurus woman include Cancer, Libra and Pisces. According to astrological rules, they are advised to avoid Gemini, Aquarius, and Leo.
4. How can you describe a Taurean personality?The typical Taurus woman loves to bask in the spoils of war. They love physical pleasures and material goods, for which they are willing to work hard and commit deeply. They are also known to be tactile, sensual and deep understanding.

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This story was updated in January 2019.

05 May 2016

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