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Here’s Why EVERY Bride Needs A Bridesmaid Like ‘Naina’!!

Here’s Why EVERY Bride Needs A Bridesmaid Like ‘Naina’!!

‘Naina’ from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was a very endearing person. She was the perfect daughter, passionate lover and of course, a supportive best friend too! It was impossible to not fall in love with her! And lucky are those who have someone like her by their side, especially when they are getting married! While she took our breath away by her effortless charm, we have compiled 11 reasons of why every bride needs a ‘Naina like’ bridesmaid in her life.

1. She is calm and composed

1 naina like bridesmaid - yjhd friends

Well, what else does a bride in her ‘bridezilla’ phase need?

2. She’s seen you through the ups and downs

Remember the speech she gave before ‘Badtameez Dil?.’ She is someone who has seen you during every phase of your life and no matter what, has always been just a phone call away.


3. The perfect planner

3 naina like bridesmaid - deepika padukone yjhd

When you are going crazy planning your wedding, you know she is there to receive the guests and manage everyone and everything smoothly and patiently.

4. Best dancer

A bridesmaid who is an amazing dancer too is always a plus! She will make sure your side of the family aces the dance performances and would drag everyone for practice sessions!

5. Always wishes good for you

5 naina like bridesmaid - deepika padukone kalki yjhd


She would never settle for anything less for you. Even if it is a mere dance performance between the boys and the girls side, she’ll always want you to win.

6. She has never let a guy come in between

She is someone who never let a guy come in between your friendship with her. Your relationship with her is eternal. Period.

7. Perfect blend of crazy and sensible

7 naina like bridesmaid - yjhd scholar naina

She knows how to party and she also knows when you both have had too much to drink. You can have fun with her because you know she can handle you when you are dead drunk!


8. Optimistic and positive attitude

No matter what, she would always console you and make you see the brighter side of life. She has the power to make you believe that everything would be alright. After all, “thoda samay do, sab thik ho jayega”.

9. The hottest bridesmaid

9 naina like bridesmaid - deepika padukone ranbir kapoor

Need we say more…?

10. She lives in the moment

“Jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch toh chootega hi, isliye yehi, iss pal ka maza lete hain”


11. The perfect best friend

11 naina like bridesmaid - deepika padukone crying

Right from being the best at everything, she is also the best friend a girl could ever have. The perfect friend to a bride and a stunning bridesmaid too!

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03 Aug 2017

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