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6 Reasons Your Boobs Could Be Hurting

6 Reasons Your Boobs Could Be Hurting

Most of us have, at some point or the other, experienced tender or sore boobs. Breast pain is pretty common due to a variety of reasons, and you might have wondered: what exactly causes it? When can you ignore it and let it run its course and when should you consult a doctor? Read on to find out what kind of breast pain you have and how you can treat it.

1. You’re PMSing

Spikes in your hormonal levels is the most likely reason your breasts feel sore. The rise in estrogen and progesterone levels in the blood before your period causes swelling and tenderness in the boobs. Progesterone spikes are also responsible for water retention in the body, which could be another reason why your boobs feel tender. Using primrose oil supplements can provide some relief to the soreness – check with your doctor if you should be going for it.

2. Your Bra Doesn’t Fit

2 Breast Pain

Ill-fitting bras can not only ruin your whole outfit, they can also lead to more serious problems like aching breasts. If your bra is too small, it could be squishing your boobs or your underwire could be poking you. If, on the other hand, it is too big for your boobs, it is probably not providing adequate support to the boobs. Both these scenarios could lead to your boobs hurting, so choose your bra carefully!


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3. You’re On Medication

Medicines that mess with your hormonal levels are another reason why your boobs could be hurting. Although birth control pills work to stabilize your hormones, it is normal to feel tenderness when you initially start taking these pills. Additionally, hormone replacement therapy and antidepressants can also lead to tender boobs.

4. You Have Lumps

4 Breast Pain

If you have fluid-filled cysts in your breasts or fibrocystic breast tissue, this could be another reason you experience sore and painful breasts. Lumpy boobs tend to hurt more, especially when you’re PMSing. Get your boobs checked by a medical professional to treat the problem.


5. You’ve Been Working Out

If you pull your pectoral muscles – the ones situated right under your breasts – it could lead to sore breasts. This tends to happen if you’ve just started exercising or changed your workout routine. It can also happen if you lift something heavy and pull these muscles. You can treat this type of pain by using heating pads or taking prescribed painkillers.

6. You Have Costochondritis

6 Breast Pain

Costochondritis is a type of breast pain that is not linked to hormones. It occurs when there in inflammation in the junction where the breastbone and the ribcage meet. Although a major reason for this is ageing, and it occurs in the later years of a woman’s life, it can also be caused by incorrect posture.

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27 May 2016

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