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#RealGirlStyle: 9 Trends Curvy Girls Should Avoid – And Stylish Alternatives!

You’ve accepted that you will never be skinny and are actually quite happy with your shape, but that doesn’t mean dressing for it is easy. You can never blindly try out every trend out there if you have an ample chest or wide hips. So we give you some trends curvy girls should avoid – even if you have seen Kim Kardashian rock some of these! Dressing for your body is an art – and we give you some stylish alternatives to rock with flair instead. 🙂

1. Horizontal Stripes All Over

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A few horizontal stripes here and there shouldn’t be a problem, but head-to-toe stripes will only make you look wider.

A Stylish Alternative: Try mixing a few horizontal stripes with a solid colour for a more flattering look. Vertical stripes are always a no-brainer for elongating your frame instead of making it look wider. We like this Calgari Blue Striped Dress.

2. Low Cut Neck lines

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While your less-endowed friends can rock low-cleavage dresses and tops and look like supermodels, thanks to your assets you can look quite scandalous in the same outfits!

A Stylish Alternative: You don’t need a plunging neckline to flaunt your cleavage, even a simple V-neck dress like this Floral Print Halter Dress is enough to show off what you’ve got without being too in-your-face.

3. Clingy Dresses

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They say the bodycon was made to show off your assets, but clingy fabrics like jersey will only hug you in all the wrong places and accentuate your jiggly bits.


A Stylish Alternative: Stay clear of flimsy fabrics and instead look for structured ones that provide a flattering silhouette. A structured bodycon like this River Island Structured Shift Dress is perfect for proudly flaunting some junk in your trunk.

4. Super Short Shorts


curvy girls x (1)You’ve long since resigned yourself to the fact that cute summer shorts and hot pants were just not made for you and your thighs, no matter how pretty they are.

A Stylish Alternative: Short shorts may be out of the question, but straight-leg shorts that are not too short, like these ASOS CURVE Side Split Short in White, are great for your body type. Also, the latest trend of skorts or skirt-shorts are also fabulous for flattering your shape.


5. Empire Waist (If You’re Busty)

curvy girls xYes, it may sound shocking to you, since an empire waist is famous for its flattering cut, but that’s only if you have a not-so-big chest. It’s perfect for camouflaging a problematic tummy, but can accentuate an ample bosom, making you look even bustier than you are.

A Stylish Alternative: Try a natural waist. Belts, seams and side panels at the waist, like with this ASOS CURVE Fit & Flare Dress With Inserts In Mono, are also perfect for highlighting your waist without over-emphasizing your bust.

6. High-Waist Pants

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High-waist pants aren’t kind to curvy girls as they make your butt look big and shorten your torso. And if you’re generously endowed in the chest area, a high waist can make you look even bustier.

A Stylish Alternative: Mid-rise jeans and pants are great for your body as they aren’t too high or too low. A high-waisted pencil skirt is actually the most sexiest thing you could ever wear to show off your curves. We love this Stalk Buy Love Betty Skirt.


7. Ankle-Strap Shoes

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They may be super pretty, but they will do nothing for you once you put them on. Thick ankle-strap pumps are a fashion classic, but the strap breaks up the leg line, making your calves look thick and stocky.

A Stylish Alternative: Pointy toe shoes are always a safe bet, as they help make your legs look longer than they are. How cute are these Zara Flats With A Bow? If you still have a thing for straps, than find a pair of shoes where the strap falls lower on the foot instead of around the ankle.

8. Strapless Styles

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One common woe that busty women face is keeping their girls contained in strapless numbers. They draw a lot of attention to an ample bosom, and the effect can be less than flattering.

A Stylish Alternative: Firstly, underwired bras are great for that extra support to help make your twins stand up straight. We love Marks & Spencer’s vast range of underwired bras across categories.  If you want to try a strapless style, then find one with ruffles across the chest or details at the waist to focus attention away from your bust.


9. Baggy Jeans

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We all love a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans, but ones that sag around your butt will make it look bigger than it actually is.

A Stylish Alternative: This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a hip pair of boyfriend jeans ever! Show off your feminine curves in a pair that is cuffed at the hem, like these Forever 21 Raw-Edge Boyfriend Jeans, for a more pulled-together style.

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06 May 2016

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