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#RealGirlStyle: The Best Fabrics for Your Body Type!

We’re always talking about dressing right, and wearing what suits you instead of following trends blindly. And while the cuts, colours and silhouettes best suited for different body types get enough limelight, a factor that often gets lost in this conversation is choosing the right fabrics. A dress in the right style but wrong fabric can only spell disaster. So we are here with a guide that will prevent you from making any such fashion faux pas!

1. Pear-Shaped Body

fabrics for your body type - 1 (Copy)Your Figure: Narrow shoulders with slim arms and neck, and a wider lower half with rounded hips, thighs and legs.

What You Need: Fabrics that will drape softly around your curves without clinging to your lower half are your best bets. Matte jersey, cotton, polyester blends, chiffon, georgette and viscose should be your go-tos. Stiff or heavy fabrics like leather, wool and chunky knits, especially for the lower half, will add unnecessary bulk to your frame. That said, the chosen fabrics should have some weight as flimsy ones will only end up clinging. Say no to shiny fabrics, satin or sequins for your lower half! As far as denim is concerned, look for stretch jeans in softer denims.

POPxo recommends: Dorothy Perkins Off White Necklace Jersey Knit on Jabong, Rs 1,194


2. Apple-Shaped Body

fabrics for your body type - 2 (Copy)Your Figure: A big bust and round tummy, with slim legs and hips.

What You Need: Stay away from anything that is shiny, clingy or lacks a generous amount of stretch. With that in mind, you can scratch off satin, spandex, chiffon and rayon from your list. You need non-constricting fabrics that give you room to breath, and simply skim your curves, not glaringly put them in the limelight. Matte jersey, cotton, wool blends and viscose are ideal options for you.

POPxo recommends: Vero Moda Monochrome Print Short Dress on Koovs, Rs 835

3. Athletic Body

fabrics for your body type - 3 (Copy)Your Figure: A slim and straight figure with few curves.


What You Need: Since you have an angular body, the main aim when choosing fabrics should be to create curves. Boxy and heavy fabrics like wool, leather and chunky knits will defeat this purpose. Stretchy fabrics – say matte jersey, spandex and cotton, plus clingy ones like satin and silk – are what you should be looking for. Tighter fabrics work in your favour as they will outline your curves and contours – just what you were looking for in the first place!

POPxo recommends: Paper Dolls Blue & White Bodycon Dress on Myntra, Rs 3,594

4. Hourglass Figure

fabrics for your body type - 4 (Copy)Your Figure: Characterized by a narrow waist and wider hips and bust – you’ve got the ideal set of curves!

What You Need: When in doubt, just play it like Beyoncé or Kim K! Simply think “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”, and opt for soft fabrics that will accentuate your curves. Jersey, satin, silk blends, soft knits, chiffon, bodycon, Spandex, matte jersey, leather and cotton fit the bill. Avoid boxy, stiff or heavy fabrics, though, as they will only end up drowning your contours. So that means no chunky knits or bulky wool as far as possible.


POPxo recommends: Slit Wrap Skirt, Mango, Rs 4,590

5. Petite Frame

fabrics for your body type - 5 (Copy)Your Figure: If you’re under 5’4” and you’ve got a narrow frame, then you fall in this category.

What You Need: Hello, Lil Miss Lucky! You can pretty much pull off just about any fabric! Soft fabrics like gabardine, wool crepes, linen and cotton will be your best friends, and clingier ones are ideal for when you wish to flaunt your shape. Steer clear of anything that tends to puff up, as it will swamp your frame. Stiff fabrics are best avoided too as they will add width to your frame.

POPxo recommends: Surplice Cami Romper, Forever 21, Rs 950


6. Fuller Figure

fabrics for your body type - 6 (Copy)Your Figure: Very curvy body, with a voluptuous bust and butt.

What You Need: Choose wisely, and you can easily highlight your assets while camouflaging your problem areas. Usher in an abundance of cotton, ponte, nylon and linen to your wardrobe. These promise a smooth silhouette. Anything that will stick and cling is best avoided.

POPxo recommends: ASOS CURVE High Waist Trouser in Ponte, Rs 2,159

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06 May 2016

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