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#RealGirlBeauty: 5 Ways to Stop Your Gorgeous Blow Dry from Going Flat!

Let’s admit it: we smile often, feel more confident and definitely have a spring in our step on a good hair day! And whether you’ve had your hair professionally blown out or blow-dried it yourself at home, those bouncy locks going flat after a day can be such a killjoy. Fret not, we give you a few ways to stop your blow dry from going flat!


1. Clean, Clean, Clean

Don’t skip a hair wash. Dirt and oil in combination with product residue clogs scalp and weighs your hair down. The cleaner your hair, the longer a volumized blow dry will last. In fact, you can go easy on the conditioner during your pre-blow dry wash (apply it only if the mid-section or the ends are dry) since you’ll end with a product post blow-dry anyway.

2. A Whiff of Cool

Ask your stylist (or remember this yourself) to finish the blowout with a blast of cool air. Yes, that setting on the drier comes in handy when your hair is already dry and only needs styling. Plus, many experts suggest that cool-air drying helps seal the hair cuticles and lock in your style, and that, in turn, helps your look last longer. Finish with a styling product that also adds shine. You can try  Schwarzkopf Sexy Volume Spray Mousse.

3. Don’t Sleep on Your Hair

Not only can it add creases in your carefully styled mane, but also cause you to wake up to limp hair. So push it up and avoid sleeping ON your hair. In fact, you can make a bun with an elastic band if you are comfy with it. You can also invest in a silk pillowcase to maximize your blowout. The benefit: silk causes less friction, which means lesser hair breakage, and you’ll sleep better too!


4. Stay Away from Moisture

Your money and hard work can literally evaporate with heat, so avoid staying out in the sun too much or breaking into a sweat – there’s no denying that it will have an effect on your perfect hair. And plan in advance: if you’re going to the gym, use a loose hairband and tie your hair to avoid the worst of it. If it’s a special occasion, and if you want your blow dry to last longer, you might (just this once!) consider skipping the workout. 😉

5. Use a Dry Shampoo

Spritz on some dry shampoo on a blow dry that is a day or two old to refresh your locks and give them some body and bounce. Use some on your parting too. The product absorbs excess oil and injects some volume, leaving your hair looking non-greasy and fabulous. Try Tigi Bed Head Rockaholic Dry Shampoo or Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo.

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06 May 2016

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