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11 REAL Challenges Of Living With The In-Laws

11 REAL Challenges Of Living With The In-Laws

Living with the in-laws is not exactly a bed of roses. Then again, it’s not a bed of thorns, either. But if you got married into a big fat Indian family, you will totally relate to these challenges that every newlywed faces, when she starts living with her in-laws.

1. You’ve got to be careful about making too much noise during sex!

Because, you know, it’s kinda awkward to be heard having so much fun, in a house full of kids and elders.


2. It’s also difficult to have sex in the middle of the day, with someone or the other always bustling in your room.

Privacy is a major problem when you live with your in-laws. It’s not like they don’t wanna leave you alone, it’s just that they want to know if you’re okay or if you’ve had food all.the.time. *rolls eye*

2 living with the in laws


3. You’ve got to wake up when the ‘house’ wakes up.

‘Coz what sort of bahu wakes up after everyone else does? So, even if you love sleeping in late and can’t wake up before everyone else, it’s expected of you to at least wake up with everyone else.

4. You have to share in the responsibility of making sure ALL family members are well fed.

And you’ve also got to know and remember their individual food habits. Go figure!


4 living with the in laws

5. You’ve got to take their permission, or at the very least inform your in-laws before going out.

It’s how you show them respect, by keeping them informed about your whereabouts and plans.


6. You can’t be shabbily dressed, at any time of the day.

Earlier, you may have lived in your pyjamas all day, but now your in-laws will insist you dress up, every day, even if you aren’t going out. Their reason? You now represent their family and must look neat, for anyone who might visit.

6 living with the in laws


7. You’ve got to adopt their traditions and values.

This does not mean that you will have to give up on your personal beliefs. But, your in-laws would expect you to carry forward their rituals for future generations to watch and learn from.

8. You have to attend to a lot more relatives.

Friends and relatives drop in frequently to meet different family members and now, they’re often looking forward to meeting the newest member of the fam, and that’s you.


8 living with the in laws

9. Shrieking, wailing, fighting children become your reality.

And you can’t just leave them to do their own thing, for being the newest member of the fam, they’re most attracted to you and tend to follow you around.


10. You can’t bring about changes according to your taste, easily.

Things have been set at your in-laws’ place in a certain way, and it’s not always easy for them to accept your ways of keeping things or doing things. So, you’ve got to practise patience and learn to accept things as they are, before you can start changing them.

10 living with the in laws


11. There might be a lot of parenting interference too when you decide to have children of your own.

When you finally do have children, your in-laws would exercise love and rights over their grandchildren and may not agree with your way of raising your kids. They may want to pamper and spoil your kids, even if that means doing something you disapprove of. You’ll have to make your peace with it.

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01 Jun 2017
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