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Forget “Pretty”, Be AWESOME – This Video Is For *Every* Girl!

Forget “Pretty”, Be AWESOME – This Video Is For *Every* Girl!

Remember that rhyme we used to recite as kids? It went – “Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin, rosy lips, teeth within…” – all the attributes we have come to credit to “beautiful” women. But a new campaign aims to change the singular beauty ideal girls are exposed to at a very young age.


With a strong underlying message and the “Chubby Cheeks” rhyme playing in the background, this powerful video by Dove juxtaposes frames capturing real women with a rhyme that celebrates singular beauty.

It’s time to redefine beauty standards in India and in doing so, this video asks a very compelling question – Is that you? This Dove campaign changes the definition of beauty to make it more inclusive. What better way to raise awareness on this than to take the perfect example of sportswomen in India . They stand as an inspiration to all the women of our country who aspire to go against all odds to pursue their dreams. These charismatic individuals have proved that hard work coupled with a vision are a few things that are required to stand tall with confidence.

Give these questions a thought as you watch this absolutely heart-wrenching video by Dove that honours real women and how beautiful they are, just being themselves.

*This is a sponsored post for Dove. If you have any similar stories, please send them to us at realbeautystories@gmail.com.

11 Aug 2016

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