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10 Reactions *Desi* Parents Have To Their Daughter’s Boyfriend!

10 Reactions *Desi* Parents Have To Their Daughter’s Boyfriend!

Introducing your parents to your boyfriend is a big deal, especially if you are Indian! Their desi queries and concerns are hilarious and maybe a little worrying! Here are 10 reactions Indian parents have when they find out their daughter has a boyfriend!

1. ‘It’s the same guy we’ve seen in your Whatsapp DP, na? We knew you were lying!’

The moment of truth when your parents finally find out that the guy you called ‘just a friend’ was NEVER just a friend!

2. ‘But wait, he isn’t even old enough to get married!’

This might be the biggest worry your parents have – what’s the future?!

2 reactions Indian parents have


3. ‘So what do his parents do?’

Because, once you tell your parents about your boyfriend, it’s not just a relationship between you and him. It’s now about the two families and way beyond your control!

4. ‘He has a degree in…Arts?’

Basically, the question that doubts what kind of a future he has if he is neither a doctor nor an engineer!

4 reactions Indian parents have

5. ‘What do you mean he works at a startup?’

Or in more direct terms – where will his next paycheck come from?


6. ‘He is quite dark for a Punjabi, no?’

Because Punjabis are fair and South Indians are dark… Hello?! Has no one been keeping up with how the world works?

6 reactions Indian parents have

7. ‘You’re going out with him again? You just met him last week!’

Our parents simply don’t understand why we need to go on ‘dates’. What is this concept of spending money to keep each other happy and having conversations that are not about getting married?

8. ‘You’re on the phone again? Will he pay your phone bill?’

You want to have a conversation after you have just met him – again? This is not love, it’s an addiction!


8 reactions Indian parents have

9. ‘Thoda height main chota hai na?’

Because according to them a guy should be either as tall as Amitabh Bachchan or give up on his right to live altogether! Obviously, right, or your children will be short too and that is just unacceptable!

10. ‘Why does he have dark lips? Does he smoke?’

Because no man can just naturally have dark lips! It has to some bad habit he can’t quite kick.

10 reactions Indian parents have


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03 Jan 2017

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