Yeh Kaunsa School Hai Bhai? Our Reaction To The ‘Student Of The Year 2’ Trailer!

Kavya VashishtKavya Vashisht  |  Apr 12, 2019
Yeh Kaunsa School Hai Bhai? Our Reaction To The ‘Student Of The Year 2’ Trailer!


Seven years after the release of Karan Johar’s Student of the Year, we’re all geared up for the second instalment of the movie’s franchise. Starring Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday, KJo released new posters for Student of the Year 2, introducing the main leads of the film. Amidst all the excitement, Dharma Productions just released the trailer for #SOTY2, and oh my God!

Before we say anything about it, watch the trailer and get a sneak peek into the world of Rohan, Mia and Shreya.

Source: YouTube

Déjà vu, anyone? The only good thing about St. Teresa’s batch of 2019 seems to be Will Smith’s cameo, which wasn’t even a part of the trailer. Why Bhagwan, Why would you do that!? Here are all the thoughts I had while watching the trailer and I’m sure you did, too.

12 Thoughts I Had While Watching Student Of The Year 2 Trailer

1. The trailer begins with a lot of exaggerated cheer for St. Theresa college. And guess who declares the ‘student of the year’ competition open? Sudo, the jilted student who couldn’t find a prom date in the first movie. Well, he’s the dean of the college now, apparently!

1 soty2

2. The entire trailer has Tiger Shroff flexing his muscles and reciting some really filmy dialogues. Case in point: Din tera tha, saal mera hoga. This is probably going to be the catchphrase of the movie because the trailer ends with Tiger repeating these words.

3. Why is there so much jumping around? Like there are at least ten shots of people flying in the air for no reason! Did they just put in some unused footage from Flying Jatt?

2 soty2

4. Tiger Shroff aka Rohan aka kismat-se-zyada-mehnat kinda guy vows to defeat his archrival (we’ll come to him later) in a match of kabaddi. Kabaddi? Something doesn’t quite add up. Is kabaddi a metaphor for something we don’t understand?

5. What’s up with Tiger’s deo spritzing action? Asphyxiation is not the answer to anything, Rohan!

7 soty2

6. The close-up shots of Rohan’s washboard abs are just blinding. Also, which school student hauls a car out from a river?

7. Shreya aka Ananya Pandey seems to have replaced Varun Dhawan from the first movie. She arrives in an immaculate black Audi and has a very ‘daddy’s spoilt rich girl’ vibe. She paints Tiger’s bike pink and retorts, “Ab ho gayi ladies bike? Park here now, princess!” Why? ‘Coz Pink = Girly? I’m feelin’ sexist undertones.

3 soty2

8. While there were two guys vying for a girl’s attention in the first film, the sequel has two girls fighting for one guy. Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria are both in love with Tiger Shroff, and Tiger Shroff is lusting after the ‘student of the year’ trophy. Anticlimactic much?

9. And the villain (if we can call him that) seems to be a badly made evil character from the ’70s. He corners Tiger and whispers the MOST ORIGINAL antagonistic dialogue in his ear: “Tu student nahi loser of the year hai!” Scary? Not so much. Funny? Sure! And also, what’s up with his frickin’ hair?

5 soty2

10. Tiger Shroff literally seems to have one aim in life, Ek haath mein ladki aur dusre mein trophy. ‘Coz fuck ambitions!

11. The love angle in the movie has a triangle! In an ultra Bollywood-y scene, a confused Tiger Shroff is holding both Ananya and Tara’s hands, as if he’s standing in a Subway and is struggling to decide which dressing he wants on his sub. And the dialogue delivery in the scene is the cherry on the cake. When Tara says, “I’m still in love with him”, Ananya cuts her and replies, “Guess what? So do I!” Well, guess what? We don’t care.

6 soty2

12. Tiger’s Spiderman costume is absolutely hideous. When he walks hand-in-hand with Tara dressed as Wonder Woman, students who look like a gang of goons, comment, “Tu kya Bappi Lehri ban ke aayi hai?” That doesn’t even make sense! 

KJo’s forte has always been excess, but somehow this time, the formula doesn’t quite work for us. This world brimming with beautiful people and expensive things is neither fun nor engaging. Is this going to end up being a sequel that no one asked for? We’ll find out on May 10, 2019.

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