Rasna Bhasin On Shunning The ‘Influencer’ Tag & Her Dynamic Career As A Digital Creator

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Jun 10, 2021
Rasna Bhasin On Shunning The ‘Influencer’ Tag & Her Dynamic Career As A Digital Creator


Rasna Bhasin has managed to achieve impressive career goals in the past decade. In 2015, she became the youngest digital editor for Harper’s Bazaar Bride to date. Her work with brands like Gucci, Hermès, Estée Lauder, and Apple to amplify their online presence speaks for itself. In addition to her work as a brand consultant, Rasna continues to cement her social media presence and is a well-known content creator today. Clearly, she is headed for digital domination. 

Rasna started her social media innings almost a decade ago, back when we were just navigating our way through the picture-perfect Instagram. She had a keen eye for fashion and the world was taking notice. While she went to fashion school thinking she’d someday get into designing, her knack for digital media landed her a coveted opportunity at Harper’s Bazaar Bride. By the time she turned 21, Rasna had already been appointed as the Digital Editor for the magazine. She was later promoted as the Head of Digital Media when the magazine was renamed Brides Today India which speaks tons about her prowess for digital content. 

Rasna belongs to the first generation of digital creators in India. However, unlike most others, she knows how to leverage this position and create something bigger out of it. That’s exactly why she ‘shuns’ the influencer tag. “I have always felt the word influencer has been misused. Influence happens on a subconscious level – so for me to describe oneself as an influencer is wrong,” she says. 

Rasna Bhasin

Rasna practices what she preaches through her Instagram feed. It isn’t crowded with compulsive trends and social media fads. It’s clean, impactful, and fuss-free. In fact, in the past year-and-a-half, Rasna took a step back with her digital content. She used her platform to amplify SOS calls, share COVID-19 resources, and support fundraisers. 

She was also one of the minds behind FUN(DS) FOR INDIA, a fundraiser where digital creators from the capital have united for a cause—they are conducting fun workshops and organising online thrift sales. All the proceeds are going towards rural India’s fight against COVID-19.  She is all set to host her own thrift sale on the 12th of this month. 

Rasna understands the power of digital media and the kind of change that it can bring about. Powered by that realisation, she is constantly exploring the digital space and exploring new avenues. That’s what makes her the perfect fit for our Women Who Win series. In a candid chat with POPxo, she talked about her dynamic career, her love for fashion, and being a multi-hyphenate in the truest sense of the word. Read on:

How do you begin your day? What does a typical work day look like for you?

My days these days are fairly unorganised. Since work is a bit slow and forever changing – it starts with me waking up (slightly later than usual) – and checking my phone (nasty habit).

I try to organise myself before noon – that includes replying to my emails – making an agenda for the day and then I go through it. In my field of work, there isn’t really a typical day. Mostly I’m working from home & when I’m shooting the day works on those.

How did you know that fashion was your calling?

I knew fashion was my calling since I was a baby – it was always about growing up to be a fashion designer for some reason. Over the years I realised design wasn’t my calling – but there were other alternate fields in fashion that interested me immensely and I followed them.

What were the turning points in your career?

Being appointed as the Digital Editor for Harper’s Bazaar Bride. I was 21 years old and was given the opportunity to literally build a magazine digitally. It was honestly one of the greatest turning points.

What has been your biggest professional accomplishment so far?

There would be quite a few now – but honestly being the youngest digital editor for a fashion magazine as prestigious as Harper’s Bazaar Bride would be one of the most cherished ones.

Rasna Bhasin

What are the skills or qualities that have helped you succeed in your career?

Honesty and hard work. As cliche as it sounds -there are no alternatives to these two in life. You have to be honestly committed and convinced with what you’re doing, and you have to keep at it. Neither let the failures or the successes get to you, and keep learning and going ahead.

Is there a mantra that you swear by in your professional and/or personal life?

To know when to quit–more so in my personal life – not so much yet put into my professional life. But over the years I have realised you need to withdraw and take a step back instead of chasing a relation or person.

You have disowned the “influencer” label? What is the reason behind it?

I have always felt the word influencer has been misused. Influence happens on a subconscious level – so for me to describe oneself as an influencer is wrong. You can’t really shove influence down somebody’s throat. Influence happens over a period of time and it doesn’t depend on somebody having a certain number of followers or social media presence.

You can be influenced by your mother or even your next door neighbour! Hence for me to use the word so loosely makes no sense.

Rasna Bhasin

You have focused on creating a personal brand instead of chasing a fixed profession. Do you think that’s how one should approach their career?

My career has kind of flowed from one direction to another and I have gone with the flow. I honestly happen to be somebody who obsesses over the tiniest of details so when I get to a point, I plan it. But I totally believe your career can be wholesome and doesn’t have to be one direction oriented. It can be the way you want and there are multiple things one can always do!

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is extremely classic – normcore.

Closet must-haves that everyone should own?

For me a nice crisp white shirt, a denim jacket, a really good pair of jeans – white sneakers – a fun pair of kolhapuri are some of my essentials.

How do you unwind?

I read. I read a lot. Especially in the last year – it’s become my only source of escaping. So for me a good book is the answer.

Rasna Bhasin

Many people credit books and literature for leaving an indelible mark on their lives. If you were to name a few that did that for you, what would those be?

I think it would be Shantaram – that book changed my life in ways I can’t describe – I keep going back to it from time to time. Another one would be Mrs.Dalloway – there’s a certain fascination with Virginia Woolf that has always inspired me to go chase after my dreams!!

Featured Image courtesy: Rasna Bhasin