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Bigg Boss 13, Day 1: Romance Gone Sour? Rashami Desai & Sidharth Shukla Avoid Each Other

Bigg Boss 13, Day 1: Romance Gone Sour? Rashami Desai & Sidharth Shukla Avoid Each Other

Bigg Boss has been ruling the reality TV scene since its first season in 2006. With the right amount of masala, chaos, and scandals, the 12 seasons of the show have given us some compelling reasons to stay glued to our TV screens. The premiere of Season 13, on Sunday, continued this legacy. This season, ‘bed partners’ have already been assigned, and the housemates can’t seem to get over this new concept of BFFs (bed friends forever). Contestants also do not have any say in the duties (cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning the massive bathroom) that they’d like to perform. 

Episode one aired yesterday and started with the usual bonding among contestants and some controversies. Now, listen up, gossip mongers (oops, I mean Bigg Boss fans), while you may have seen some explosive moments on screen, there are a few that you might have missed.


Couple, Friends Or Enemies?

Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla are not very happy with this unusual concept of bed friends forever. Why, you ask? Well, we couldn’t help but notice that the two were giving each other the cold shoulder. We did some digging and found out that a few years ago, TV grapevine was abuzz with rumours of the two dating each other when they were doing the TV serial Dil Se Dil Tak. 

While Rashami and Sidharth always maintained that they were ‘good friends’, people who worked closely with them speculated that something was brewing between the two. “Sidharth and I have been good friends for a long time. We have lots of fun on the set and bond well,” Rashami had told a leading daily during an interview. Well, then why did the two not even exchange a word in the Bigg Boss house?


According to media reports, the two also fought a lot on the sets, however, Rashami cleared the air on Sunday when she said that they fought like “best friends”. Maybe, that’s why Bigg Boss made them bed friends and forced them to share a bed. Clearly, they were not pleased with this arrangement (we did notice a whole bunch of pillows that they kept between them). Rashami and Sidharth didn’t make even a single attempt to strike a conversation. 

We are now excited to see whether Rashami will rekindle her ‘friendship’ with Sidharth or they will keep avoiding each other (which can’t go on forever).


Day 1 also saw some other controversies. And just in case you missed them, take a look at a few other masala moments from the first day:

Bigg Boss May Have Found Reality TV Gold In Asim & Paras

We know that the show thrives on controversies but sometimes contestants go beyond our expectations (of giving us drama). And we think Asim and Paras are going to shine bright in the coming episodes in that aspect. 


The episode started with Paras Chhabra telling everyone to perform the duties that have been assigned to them. His downfall might be the result of this kind of overconfidence. 

Later in the show, Asim Riaz was targeted mercilessly by Paras. Paras tells Aarti Singh that he wants Asim to say something to him. He also calls him a “jhandu model” and goes on to say, “kutta irritating hai.” We did expect some drama from this “sanskaari playboy”, but isn’t he going too far?


Tonight’s episode is going to be even more interesting, with everyone revealing their most and least favourite people in the house. 

Get ready for some more entertainment, entertainment… and, you guessed it, entertainment!


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01 Oct 2019
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