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Birthday Special: 10 Reasons That Make Us Want To Kiss Ranveer Singh Really Hard!

Birthday Special: 10 Reasons That Make Us Want To Kiss Ranveer Singh Really Hard!

Ranveer Singh is the unparalleled heartthrob of the nation. His aura is such that you can’t help but fall for him. Every time he goes shirtless onscreen, my heart skips a beat. He is the brother every sister could kill to have, a son every parent would want to be blessed with and a boyfriend every girl craves for but, well, Deepika called dibs. Lucky woman!

The actor started off his career in Bollywood with Band Baaja Baarat and stole our hearts. Since then, there’s been no looking back. He’s only gotten better with each film. From looking like a boy next door to the man of every woman’s dream, Ranveer has always left us speechless.

Today, on the occasion of Ranveer’s birthday and World Kissing Day, we shamelessly admit how much we’re dying to lock lips with him. Check out reasons why we’d want to kiss the hottie oh so hard.

1. He Is Hot AF!

Do I need to elaborate on that? Let this picture do the talking.

Ranveer hot

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

2. I Have A Thing For Bearded Men *wink*

And the beard doesn’t tickle, trust me!

Ranveer beard

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

3. Charming Lootera!

That million-dollar-smile can make anyone fall for him.

Ranveer 3

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

4. Bad Boys Are So Sexy

Ranveer’s stint as Alauddin Khilji gave a new meaning to playing a villain onscreen altogether.

Ranveer 4

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

5. He Is Such A Sport

I mean which guy lets his girlfriend trim his moustache? Wow!

Ranveer 5

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

6. He’s So Filmy

Ranveer has been a Bollywood buff since he was a little kid. The kiss too would be so filmy. *imagines*

Ranveer 6

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

7. His Sense Of Humour Is Such A Turn On

Who wouldn’t want to kiss a man who leaves you in splits with his wit?

Ranveer funny

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

8. He Is As Classy As It Gets

Ranveer has an eccentric sense of style. He’s clearly a class apart. He looks suave in whatever he dons.

Ranveer 8

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

9. He Is Loyal And Monogamous

In this world of hookups and flings, Ranveer is old school when it comes to his relationships. Deepika is one lucky girl. *jealous*

Ranveer 9

Source: Deepika Piku’s Instagram

10. He’s An Amazing Kisser! Period.

We’ve seen that in most in movies, haven’t we?

Ranveer 10

Source: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram

Happy Birthday, Ranveer! I am patiently waiting for my dreams to come true.

05 Jul 2018

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