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Oh God, No! Ranveer Singh’s Recent Fashion Outing Is Giving Us A Headache

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 2, 2021
Oh God, No! Ranveer Singh’s Recent Fashion Outing Is Giving Us A Headache


It takes courage to take the camp route in fashion and Ranveer Singh has plenty of it. Be it logomania or his affinity to unconventional silhouette, the actor has never shied away from wearing clothes that are generally labelled “weird.” In fact, in Ranveer Singh’s world, weirder is better. This is a very simple formula that he applies to each one of his carefully curated looks and it is kinda impossible to not notice it when he takes one of them out for a spin. Keeping up with his maximalist style, Ranveer was recently spotted at the Mumbai airport in a printed co-ord outfit and a rather interesting hairstyle. Here’s why the look has all our attention at the moment:

What’s That Hairdo? Ranveer Singh’s Eclectic Airport Look


In the fashion community, Ranveer Singh’s style is synonymous with non-conformity and his recent airport look was no exception. Earlier today, the actor was spotted at the Mumbai airport sporting a printed co-ord set and an interesting hairstyle. We should perhaps begin by mentioning his proclivity to the psychedelic prints and how his co-ord set fits the bill perfectly well. The only difference? It is a somewhat understated print that we can actually see more men (even the ones who don’t like it as bold as Ranveer) experimenting with.

That said, it is the twin ponytail style that is adding the characteristic “Ranveer Singh” element to the outfit. It was earlier in September that he first debuted the style and seems to be on the mission of making it his trademark now. We agree that it looks quite alright on Ranveer. But is it actually worth the trouble?

This obviously is a painstakingly achieved look that might have involved a lot of product, people, and pain (read, headache) into making. Just imagine the kind of lingering headache that you get with a tight ponytail, multiply it with two and you’d know. This is not to say that Ranveer’s looks have ever been known for their practicality in the first place. However, OTT as the actor’s looks might be, there is always a sense of comfort. Most of the time, both style and comfort are factored in Ranveer’s looks and that is exactly why his hairstyle has us puzzled at the moment. It might (MIGHT) look good in the pictures but it is certainly not a great hairdo to carry around all day long, forget in a flight where you need to feel comfy before anything else.

We are a little disappointed but know it for a fact that Ranveer will soon make a stellar comeback. He always does!

Featured Image: Instagram