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Baby, Expose Kar Rahi Hai Tu Mujhe: Ranveer & Deepika Spill Some Beans In A Live Chat

Baby, Expose Kar Rahi Hai Tu Mujhe: Ranveer & Deepika Spill Some Beans In A Live Chat

A fun Insta live chat with Ranveer Singh and ace footballer Sunil Chhetri was taken a notch further after Deepika Padukone decided to crash in and spill some beans about her husband. While Ranveer got candid about his life, career, and his love for football during the Insta Live, Deepika took the opportunity to reveal how he has always been a “brat” and continues to be so even after their marriage. 

During the chat, Deepika also took a dig on his mathematical skills and wrote in the comment section that Ranveer is, in fact, is, “terrible at math.” Being a good sport like he always is, Ranveer replied to her comment by saying, “That makes us two. To all the kids who are facing constant pressure of maths, don’t lose hope. It will be great if you do it, but if you can’t it is not the end of the world. You can tomorrow find your passion, you can become Sunil Chhetri.”

And while they discussed sports, Ranveer accepted that he is no badminton player like wife Deepika, who gets her skills from dad Prakash Padukone, and that he can hardly score three points against her in a set. To this Chhetri replied by saying that Deepika has actually shared with him that, “He only gets three points because I respect the fact that he is Prakash Padukone’s son-in-law.” Visibly amused by the banter, Ranveer looked at Deepika who was out of the frame and said, “Baby! Expose kar rahi hai tu mujhe (You’re exposing me).”

However, besides all the jokes, Ranveer also had an honest conversation about how blessed he is to have Deepika as his wife and how hard he actually tried to woo his lady love. He shared, “I knew that she loved flowers, lilies in particular and skip 6 months into dating and I knew she was the one and I wanted her to be mine for life so I was very very diligent about courting her and wooing her. So yes every time we met there were flowers and I made ridiculously compressed trips to go and meet her when she was shooting somewhere else. So, in a nutshell you could say that I tried very hard to woo her.” 

Now, isn’t that just adorable? Take lessons you guys, take lessons!

Featured Image: Instagram

24 May 2020

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