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Rani Mukerji’s Daughter Just Turned 5 & Her Birthday Bash Was A Star-Studded Kiddie Affair

Rani Mukerji’s Daughter Just Turned 5 & Her Birthday Bash Was A Star-Studded Kiddie Affair

Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra’s little munchkin, Adira Chopra, turned 5 on December 9. Unlike other famous star kids like Aradhya Bachchan and Taimur Ali Khan, Adira has mostly remained away from the eyes of paparazzi, and her protective parents have made sure of that. However, we got an inside look from her fifth birthday party that you wouldn’t want to miss. Scroll down all the deets from the celebrations:

The Theme Was Barbie & We Love It

Yogen Shah/ India TV

Aditya and Rani opted for a Barbie theme and the welcome sign board looked as chic and classy as we could imagine. The sign had ‘ADIRA’ written on it with different Barbie dolls and accessories all over the board–all in pink. This totally reminds me of the dollhouse party I once hosted as a kid!

Hello Yash & Roohi!

Yogen Shah/ India TV

Yogen Shah/ India TV

Karan and Rani have been BFFs for the longest time and their several candid interviews can attest to that. So of course, their kids are friends as well and we could spot Yash and Roohi Johar arriving for the birthday bash excitedly. 

Yogen Shah/ India TV

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Yash’s super cute Superman mask? 

Tusshar Kapoor & Lakssya Kapoor

Yogen Shah/ India TV

Actor Tusshar Kapoor also arrived with his son Lakssya Kapoor for the birthday party. While the little munchkin had his face mask on, Tusshar was sans mask (let’s just assume he took all the necessary precautions later on).

What’s A Birthday Party without Granny?

Yogen Shah/ India TV

Rani Mukerji’s mother, Krishna Mukerji, was also spotted arriving at the party.

Here Comes The Cake

Yogen Shah/ India TV

We wish we had a look at that cake, because the size of the box makes us believe that it must have been amazing!

Though we wish there were pictures of the birthday girl as well but, her parents made sure that Adira didn’t get papped. Rani had explained this protectiveness earlier in an interview once and said that it is solely Aditya’s decision. She said, “It is single-handedly my husband’s decision. In this, he has no interest in taking my advice or my opinion. This department, he is like NO, I don’t want her pictures. And for me, it’s very important that when you are in a relationship, there are times when I would say that okay, this is it and you have to listen and be the same with him. You choose your battles. I keep telling him that one fine day she is going to be clicked and ironically, she got clicked with the father and thank god it was not me. I wouldn’t mind Adira’s pictures and am happy that few of them have come out as well. But, I do understand Adi’s point of view and respect it.”

Well, we totally understand and think that Rani and Aditya, just like any other parents, know what’s best for their child. We hope Adira and her friends had a blast and hope to get some more pics soon!

Feature Image: Instagram

10 Dec 2020

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