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Rani Haar, Mathapatti: No Need To Shy Away From Having It All!

Rani Haar, Mathapatti: No Need To Shy Away From Having It All!

If you love jewellery, your wedding day is the perfect time to give free reign to your attraction to beautiful pieces. And while some brides might feel that heavy jewellery will look too much with their already heavy bridal lehengas, we’re taking inspiration from these brides who did not shy away from going full bling. If you have it, you gotta flaunt it with great style!

1. Circles everywhere!

bridal jewellery 1


Designer Nishka Lulla paired her gorgeous tapestry-style lehenga with necklaces that are layered perfectly. You can see each distinct string of all her necklaces and so each stands out. And we love that the circles motif is echoed in her mathapatti, earrings and kaleeray.

Image: Nishka Lulla on Instagram


2. Bipasha in red and green

bridal jewellery 2

Bipasha’s #monkeywedding is giving us so many wedding goals. And we love her extravagant jewellery too! The green in her jewellery contrasts beautifully with the red lehenga.


Image: Jewels_today on Instagram

3. Rani haar for the win!

bridal jewellery 3


This is just beyond gorgeous. We love this bride’s confidence in carrying off that massive rani haar *and* the giant choker!

Image: Wed In Style India


Banner Teal

4. Long and short of it

bridal jewellery 4


The way this bride has layered her super-long necklace with that giant necklace is so unique! The circular motifs common to her jewellery ties in the look together.

Image: Weddingnama on Instagram


5. The magic is in your hands

bridal jewellery 5

While we’ve seen the OTT necklaces and mathapattis, this bride went the other way and chose these super-huge haathphools and ring.


Image: Wed In Style on Instagram

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16 May 2016
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