Dilli Wala Boyfriend: 12 RANDOM Things People Ask About Him!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016


Living in the capital city has its many perks (like being the nation’s “centre of attention”!). But sometimes, being a little too popular makes one an easy target of stereotypes! Guys from Delhi, unfortunately, are always at risk of being totally typecast. And if you’ve ever dated one, you have probably come across a whole bunch of totally WTF questions and assumptions people have about him – and your relationship! Say STFU to them haters, sister!

1. What car does he drive?

BMW, Merc, Pajero, Maruti – TUMKO KYA?(And God forbid that I should be dating a Delhi guy who DOESN’T have a car!)

2. You MUST have been to all nightclubs in Delhi! How was Keya on Friday?

Yeah, because that is what my guy works so hard for – to spend all his cash on drinking and dancing at noisy nightclubs with his girlfriend?!

delhi dude -1

3. What? You don’t like Honey Singh?

Yeah, because even though his songs are popular, they AREN’T Delhi’s anthem. And no, they don’t top every Delhi guy’s playlist.

4. Tussi kamaal karde ho, Punjabi ni jaande?

And the reason you are supposed to understand this is because if your guy lives in Delhi, he HAS to be Punjabi?!

delhi dude 3

5. You don’t wear makeup?!

Bright eyes, painted lips, caked face, tight dresses – that’s NOT every Delhi guy’s dream girl! We really think Delhi men (like most other nice men we know!) would rather have their girls wearing whatever it is that they want to!

6. Yaar, he didn’t say MC-BC even once! So surprising!

Listen, folks, swear words are not punctuation marks. So not all men in the city go swearing left, right and centre!

delhi dude

7. Do you guys have a couple membership for the gym?

Yeah, because EVERY Delhi guy is a gym freak, right? And wants to turn you into one? Guys, NO. We have our individual fitness routines – and gym-marriage is not one of them!

8. You must have a really big social circle – he’s so popular!

We know Delhi dudes are a social lot, but their school friends, college friends and family friends do NOT have to become “chad-buds” with the girls they’re dating! We can be content with our own set of friends, you know!

delhi dude -7

9. What? He hasn’t done a flash mob for you? Is he even into you?!

Folks, any guy who loves you, despite WHERE he hails from, will have his own ways of making you feel special. It does NOT have to be all flash mobs and karaoke song dedications!

10. You must be going on those looong drives very often, no?

What better use to put those wide, clean roads to? Right? WRONG!

delhi dude -11

11. Weekend getaway nahin kiya? Agra? Neemrana? Hawww!

Umm… What about a quiet movie night at home? Or ice cream at India Gate? Do those count?

12. Ooo! You guys must have chilled at his farmhouse?

Uhm… FYI, real estate is REALLY expensive in the capital city and farmhouse properties are not up for grabs (space crunch, you see!). Plus, not all guys in Delhi come from families loaded with cash. Most of them are self-made, and that’s what we love them for!

delhi dude - 12

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