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Say What Now! You’d Never Be Able To Guess How Much Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt Charged For Doing Brahmastra

Say What Now! You’d Never Be Able To Guess How Much Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt Charged For Doing Brahmastra

Following great box office collections, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s film, Brahmastra has been declared a hit! However, due to the massive budget of the movie, its real success is getting questioned now. According to rumours, the film was actually made with a much higher budget than what has been revealed. There’s also major conjecture about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s fees. Netizens have been curious to know how much the lead actors have charged. Well, will you believe us if we say ‘not even a penny’? Yes, that’s right! 


In a recent interview, Ayan Mukerji revealed that the lead actors have not charged a single rupee for the making of the film. He shared, “The truth is that the film has been made because of a lot of personal sacrifices. It is true that the amount that Ranbir would make as a star actor, he didn’t take anything for the making of Brahmastra. This is a very, very big thing because it would not be possible to make this film otherwise.” 

Speaking about Alia, the director said, “When she joined the film, this was 2014, she only had a couple of releases. She wasn’t the star that she is today. The amount that was fixed for Alia in this film was not a very big amount, but even that small amount, by the time we completed the film, Alia said that all of it has gone into the making of the film.” 


Elaborating on this, Ranbir further added, “Aapne jo prashna pucha ki maine kuch charge kiya ya nahi kiya, actually maine kiya (you asked if I charged anything or not, actually I did). This is an equity I have for life, I’m also the part producer of the film. Mera nazariya aur soch long run hai (I am thinking about the long run). Maine part one main paise nahi liye (I didn’t charge for part one) but eventually jo faith aur belief hai ki teen parts me jo yeh film bana sakti hai (but I have faith in the amount that the film will make over three parts), that is beyond anything I’d get as an actor.” 


Previously Ranbir had also explained that the enormous figure that has been floating around is the budget for all three films of the franchise. He said, “These days, we are reading a lot where people are discussing the budget of the film. People are saying this much is the budget and this much is the recovery. But Brahmastra is a unique being where the budget is not just for one film but for the whole trilogy.” 

Well, irrespective of the budget, this film is a product of hard work, dedication, sincerity, and belief. And TBH, the makers and the actors deserve all the love and the numbers they’re receiving for creating a masterpiece! Mr Mukerji, can we get Part Two any sooner? 

Feature Image: Instagram

23 Sep 2022

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