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Haye Cutie! 10 Times Ranbir Kapoor Was So Adorable On Screen We Wanted To Pull His Cheeks

Haye Cutie! 10 Times Ranbir Kapoor Was So Adorable On Screen We Wanted To Pull His Cheeks

I think it was sometime in 2011, mom and I were watching the Filmfare awards, and then came a moment when the camera turned to Ranbir Kapoor. We had just watched Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and were pretty much into the actor. ‘Omg, so handsome,’ I said. ‘Clean shaved bhi kitna achcha lagta hai,’ mom added as dad looked at the both of us in absolute disbelief. But then again, you can’t really blame us given that it’s actually the Ranbir Kapoor effect on most people. 

He happens to be one of that handful of actors in the industry who bring a life of their own to the characters that they play on screen. Be it Bunny from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani or Ayan from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, he has managed to channelise his own characteristic essence to the roles so much so that it is difficult to tell where it is that the characters start and Ranbir ends.

But all things aside, it is this adorable streak that we especially cherish about the actor. Pick any one of his films and you are sure to find at least one moment where he does something uber-cute and you’d literally feel like pulling his cheeks. You know what we are talking about! Well, it’s Ranbir’s today and we thought what better day to make a compilation of all of these super cute, super adorable moments from his movies that went us all go “awwww.” Read on:

When He Proposes To Nargis In Rockstar

Janardhan aspires to be a great musician in Rockstar but is bluntly told that his voice doesn’t have the ‘dard’ that’s required to be a great musician and thus decides to get his heartbroken. He finds the prettiest girl in the college, Heer Kaul (Nargis Fakhri) for the purpose, pretty sure that he’ll be rejected and thus gets “heartbroken.” However, it’s how he proposes to her that’s perhaps one of his cutest scenes in the film. He hits her out of the blue and says, Actually tu na badi cool lagti hai mujhe, aur hot bhi kitni hai na. Kamaal Ka combo hai na hot cool same time men. Girlfriend banja meri. Tu aur main rock kar denge bata raha hun.” Of course, he gets rejected but looks sooo cute while he is at it. Also, can never get over the character of Janardhan who goes on transforming into Jordan!


When He Offers To Share His Seat With Scholar Naina

Bunny is constantly called self-centered and selfish in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and yet he offers to share his seat with Naina after finding out that she can’t get a last-minute seat in the train. In fact, if you watch closely, he keeps doing things like these for people he cares about all throughout the movie like sponsoring’s Avi’s trip after he loses all in his money in a cricket bet. Despite all the criticism received by the self-centered character, we think this unboastful humanity is what made Bunny truly memorable and a really adorable character that continues to sway us with his cuteness. 

When He Tries Flirting With Naina

Remember “Tum pehle se inti khoobsurat thi ya waqt ne kiya koi hasee sitam?” Of course, we all do and also, melted a little when Bunny tried hitting on Naina with this dialogue. Cute and how! 

When Lisa Cheats On Him In Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

It’s like a deja vu moment (think Rockstar) in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil when Ayan is told by Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) that his voice lacks passionate intensity. Soon enough, he also gets “heartbroken” when he sees his girlfriend Lisa (Lisa Haydon) cheating on him with Alisah’s boyfriend and while she seems to be taking it alright, Ayan is a total mess. He cries and cries like a little kid and while it annoys Alizeh, we would have totally cuddled him to sleep. 

When He Can’t Handle The Cold in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

So Alizeh wants to do a filmy photoshoot in the Swiss Alps clad in just a flimsy chiffon saree and fighting the cold as she and Ayan shoot a video. Quite naturally, we are all kinda worried about her getting impacted by that chilly cold. However, it is the sweater clad Ayan who ends up on his knees, all shivering. Later in the room, while he is wrapped around in a blanket, it’s kinda cute, and such a beautiful, vulnerable moment for the character that we can’t help but admire him for the humane touches that Ranbir brings to Ayan.


When He Has To Pee In Anjaana Anjaani

So what do you do when you are swimming and suddenly have an urge to pee? Do not go all “ewwww” when we tell you that most of the people actually go ahead and pee in the water when that happens. Well, except for Akash from Anjaana Anjaani who legit takes Kiara’s permission before he can pee in the Atlantic ocean and is also promptly scolded for it. Oh, also he jumps in the ocean to save Kiara who BTW knows how to swim but he doesn’t! One adorable character!

When He Serves The Small Town Girl In Bachna Ae Haseeno

Casanova Raj is up for an eye-opening experience when he actually ends up falling in love for the first time in life. Sadly, he gets his heartbroken and realises he has caused a lot of hurt to a lot of women and goes to India looking for forgiveness. His Ex-girlfriend Shreya (Bipasha Basu) is a big shot now and promises to forgive him on the condition that he serves as her assistant and then makes him slog like a slave. As sad as it, it is quite endearing to see Raj working really hard for forgiveness and going all-in for the task just to make amends.  

When He Introduces Himself As Don In Tamasha

This is actually the scene that sets the theme of Tamasha and Ranbir manages to pull it off with his characteristic charm. He meets Tara (Deepika Padukone) in Corsica, decided to be anything but himself, and introduces himself as Don instead of Ved (His real name) to Tara who reciprocates and tells him that she is Mona Darling. What a scene, what a film, what a character!

When He Gets Scolded By Laxmi In Wake Up Sid

You need to re-watch Wake Up Sid and see how sad and concerned Sid gets when Laxmi asks him to stop acting like a sissy and talking like he has huge struggles just ‘coz his exam results are out. At that moment, he quietly listens to her with a puppy face as she tells him about her struggles with all the bodyweight issues. Kudos to Wake Up Sid makers for not body shaming Laxmi and also, giving us the character of innocent, adorable Sid!


When He Wears Katrina’s Top In Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

There is this moment in the film when he’s hiding Jenny at his home and his dad does not know about it. Everything is going fine until his dad ends up finding her top in the bathroom. However, Prem has a plan to keep it under control. He goes out, and quite nonchalantly asks his dad for the top, puts it on, and tells him that it is in fashion right now. Oh also, he ends up meeting a family who is there to meet him as a prospective match for their daughter in the very same top. As adorable as the move is, he also looks cute AF in that top!

Happy birthday, RK. You truly are the cutest!

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28 Sep 2020

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