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Had 30 % Chance Of Death: Rana Daggubati Breaks Down While Talking About Serious Illness

Had 30 % Chance Of Death: Rana Daggubati Breaks Down While Talking About Serious Illness

Earlier this year Tollywood superstar Rana Daggubati broke quite some hearts (and the internet!) with a wedding announcement that no one saw coming. However, the said wedding, also made 2020 a little tolerable as we got a sneak peek into the first major celeb wedding of the year.

Well, almost the end of the year but seems like Rana is not done with dropping heartbreaking shockers yet. In a recent interview with actress Samantha Akkineni on her new chat show, Sam Jam, Rana made a revelation that left both the fans and the host in tears. In fact, the actor himself broke down during the interaction while talking about how 2019 turned out to be an extremely challenging year for him health-wise. 

Speaking about the same he told Samantha, “When life was on a fast forward, there was suddenly a pause button. There was BP, calcification around the heart and you have failed kidneys… It could have been a 70 percent chance of stroke or haemorrhage and 30 percent chance of death straight.”

For those of you who might not know, Samantha and Rana happen to be really good friends and the actress couldn’t suppress her tears as she talked about Rana’s strength during the tough time. “Though people were crumbling around you, you were like a rock. I have seen it in front of my eyes and that’s why he is a superhero to me,” she said.

That said, a picture posted by Rana on social media back in 2019 actually had fans speculating about his health. Many had also commented about how the actor looked alarmingly frail and weak in the picture. 


However, the actor had quashed all the rumours on Twitter. He tweeted, “Hearing lots of strange things about my health, I’m fine guys just some BP-based issues I’m addressing. Will be fixed and sorted soon,” he had written, adding, “Thanks for the concern and love but don’t speculate it’s my health not yours ;).”

Well, now we know that there was indeed something to be concerned about. Here’s hoping that the actor is feeling better and that we see him on the big screen again super soon!

Featured Image: Instagram 

23 Nov 2020

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