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Red Flag Alert! Rakhi Sawant Confesses Her New BF Wants Her To Be ‘Covered Up’ & We Are Concerned

Red Flag Alert! Rakhi Sawant Confesses Her New BF Wants Her To Be ‘Covered Up’ & We Are Concerned

When it comes to Rakhi Sawant, we can’t get enough of her refreshing honesty! The actress never holds back while talking about her relationships and how things are going in her love life. Recently, Rakhi opened up about her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani and we are a bit concerned about the Bigg Boss star.

In a joint interview with Adil, Rakhi confessed that things aren’t completely smooth with Adil as his family is not on board with their relationship. The Main Hoon Naa star said, “He has never told me that I should quit my work. But there are a few things.” Adil added, “It is just that I feel she should wear dresses which are less glamorous and more covered.”

In the same interview, Adil talked about how Rakhi’s public image is different from who she is as a person. He shared, “Whatever her image is on TV etc. she is the opposite of that. She is a simple, down-to-earth jolly character who gets happy in small things. Her image in the public’s eye is wrong.”

He added, “She has told me everything about herself, including her shaadi with Ritesh. Earlier I didn’t know about it, but now I know.'”

We thought after the entire fiasco with Ritesh Singh, Rakhi would have a better idea about the red flags in a relationship. Clearly, we were wrong! It is 2022, but even now most men think it is okay to control women’s personal choices. It is not just unfair but also regressive to ask your girlfriend to change her dressing style to be in a relationship. 

We hope both Rakhi and Adil realise that being in a relationship is not about social media PDA or expensive gifts, it is about accepting and respecting each other. A woman’s worth is not tied to her fashion choices and we hope Adil understands that.

NGL, we just want Rakhi to stay true to herself. She is a headstrong, empowered and fierce woman and we love her for it!

Feature Image Credit: Instagram

27 May 2022

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