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Get A Life Girl! Rakhi Sawant’s Regressive Comments On Karan-Tejasswi’s Relationship Are Cringe Max

We might be seeing Rakhi Sawant for the third time in the Bigg Boss house in season 15 but it is a brand new person this time. In the BB 15 house, Rakhi seems to be going through a ‘Poo bani Parvati‘ phase and we surely do not approve. Firstly, because we don’t understand the need for women to fit in this dichotomy. Secondly, because Rakhi is totally overdoing it and sounding regressive AF right now. Going by her regular sermons on code of conduct (especially for women), it is hard to believe that she is the same person who bullied the hell out of Abhinav Shukla in Bigg Boss 14 and then very conveniently got away with it by saying that she had fallen for the actor.

Coming to Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi has been after #TejRan since her entry into the Bigg Boss house. From questioning the authenticity of their relationship to sowing discord between the two, she has tried to do it all. However, what has been irking us the most is all the slut shaming and moral policing that Rakhi is directing at Tejasswi for weeks now. Just last night, we saw her lecturing Teja on how to behave with Karan and we are just too done at this point.


The conversation started with Rakhi doling out some unsolicitaed gyaan to Tejasswi. “Pyaar insaan ko hota hai wo baat alag hai. Lekin tum log jo yeh kar rahe ho..bahut jyada chipka chipki ho rahi hai. Bhut jyada. Tum jyada girti ho uske upar jaakar. Wo utna nahi karta hai. Mujhe nahi pata kal bahar jaakar shaadi kare nahi kare but tumhari ijjat tumhare haath main hai. Bahar jaakar engagement ho jae toh karo na sab kuch. Tum samjh rahi ho main kya keh rahi hun… lekin apne ko ek daire mein rehna hai behen,” she was heard saying.

Visibly irritated by the regressive line of thought, Tejasswi very clearly told Rakhi that she knows her limits and said, “I am very responsible and I know that my family is watching. Karan and I have always taken care of it.” However, Rakhi was in no mood of listening and then went on making some really problematic comments on how #TejRan lie on the bed together and insinuating that Tejaasswi is out of control. Tired of the random attacks, the actress ended up asking Rakhi why isn’t she questioning Devoleena Bhattacharjee for hugging Pratik Sehajpal if she is getting questioned for hugging and cuddling with Karan. However, without understanding her point, Devoleena pounced on the actress right after hearing her name in the conversation and joined Rakhi in her slut shaming campaign. She too told Teja that the couple is taking it too far and they should draw a line. Ironically, Rakhi’s tone was entirely different and not at all disparaging while raising the same point to Karan.

Now, here is the thing—Tejasswi never asked Rakhi for advice on how to conduct herself on national television. Also, we have never seen her “crossing any lines” during her stay in the Bigg Boss 15 house as Rakhi wanted to project last night. More importantly, how do we define these lines and why does Rakhi get to conveniently mess around with all these rules when she is the one who has fallen for someone? Seriously, what is this hypocrisy?


TBH, we are stunned at Rakhi’s sexist thinking and how she very conveniently switches it on and off depending on the situation and person she is dealing with. That said, this is surely not the first time that Rakhi has tried to pull it off. She tried something similar with Tejasswi while slut shaming her for a reason made-up in her own head. Oh and this is when the kind of content that Rakhi brings to Bigg Boss is always borderline (if not blatantly) voyeuristic and downright problematic.

Well, the viewers are not as gullible as Rakhi thinks and gurlll, we can see through that facade. All that fake crying, the drama, the smear campaigns—we can see it all!

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03 Jan 2022

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