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From Supporting Rakhi To Slamming Rubina-Abhinav, We’re So Done With Salman Khan’s Biases

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Feb 1, 2021
From Supporting Rakhi To Slamming Rubina-Abhinav, We’re So Done With Salman Khan’s Biases


Without an iota of doubt or hesitance, I’m just putting it out there–Bigg Boss 14 will go down in the history as the worst season of the franchise ever. And nope, it’s not because of the contestants who are boring, arrogant, or rude because honestly, those are just common human traits. Seriously, why should we blame them when the real credit of the disaster known as BB 14 goes to its makers and of course, the host, Salman Khan?

Apart from making a paper boat of all the rules and drowning it in the drain, the show has crossed the limits of bullying and supporting harassment. However, the show reached a new low when in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman blatantly ignored Rakhi Sawant’s cheap antics, sided with her outrageous behaviour, and used the entire episode to grill Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. ICYMI, here’s a detailed account of what happened:

Dear Rakhi, It’s Called Torture & NOT Entertainment


Here’s the simple thing–catcalling, eve-teasing and invading personal space are not forms of ‘entertainment’ but offensive acts. And, here are a few things that Rakhi has done over her stint in Bigg Boss 14 already:

1. Passed crude comments on Abhinav day in and out even after the point where he and his wife clearly mentioned that they were not comfortable with the actress’ approach. 

2. Pulled the strings of Abhinav’s shorts

3. Tore former contestant Rahul Mahajan’s Dhoti

4. Made controversial gestures and passed obscene comments that were not shown on the television as per the host himself.

Now, we wonder if these instances are not some or the other form of harassment, then what is. And if Rakhi has been crossing all lines (which she has) then why is no one calling her out for the same? Even Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni, who became Rahul Mahajan’s spokespeople when Rakhi tried tearing his clothes, chose to be mum when something similar happened to Abhinav this week. Seriously, what’s up with people’s selective sense of morality?

Salman Khan & His Age-Old Biased Ways


We told you all about Rakhi’s offensive behaviour but here’s how Salman decided to react on it in the last Weekend ka Vaar episode–by calling it a no biggie! 

Yep, you read that right. As per the actor, Rakhi pulling the strings of Abhinav’s shorts or eve-teasing him were not a big deal. However, Rubina’s warning to her on the same was definitely an ‘over-reaction’. In fact, to cover up Rakhi’s deeds, the host even asserted that her entertaining antics were directly benefitting Abhinav. When the latter requested that he wouldn’t like such benefits, of course, he was silenced by Bhai, yet again. We just have one quick question for Salman–since when have we started treating harassment as entertainment? Hint: Since NEVER!

Moreover, the rest of the episode was dedicated solely to Rubina and Abhinav, their so-called ‘selfish strategies’ in the game, and their connections in the show. TBH, after a point, it seemed that the host didn’t even bother hiding his biased ways in the slightest.

Sorry Bigg Boss, You Aren’t Fooling The Viewers

While Bigg Boss’ makers might be living in a world where such outrageous acts are considered as entertainment (read TRP), thankfully, the viewers are not on the same page with them. Here are some reactions from the viewers:

Former Contestants Described It Best

Bhai, What Is This Behaviour?

Harassment Is Not Cool

Though it is too late, we hope Bigg Boss learns some lessons this time.

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