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RajKummar Rao Reveals Why He Asked Patralekha To Apply Sindoor On Him & It Makes So Much Sense

RajKummar Rao Reveals Why He Asked Patralekha To Apply Sindoor On Him & It Makes So Much Sense

RajKummar Rao and Patralekhaa tied the knot in November last year and it was one of the most beautiful celeb weddings we witnessed. The couple dated for 11 years before taking the saat pheras and we fell in love with shaadi album that was all things amazing. The two danced, laughed and loved, and gave us plenty of beautiful moments that would live in our hearts rent-free. One of those cute instances was when Rajkummar asked his wife to put sindoor on his forehead as well. It was heartwarming, refreshing and we watched that video on loop.

The actors had shared a montage of their beautiful D-day moments on their Instagram handles and it left us totes mesmerised. The video ended with RajKummar putting sindoor on his wife and telling her, “Tum bhi laga do (You also apply some).”


While talking to a leading daily recently, the actor said that he didn’t put much thought into his gesture. He felt it was a natural thing to do and so he asked her to go ahead with it. “There was no thought. I was like ‘wo bhi laga sakti hai kyui nahi (she can also apply it, why not?)’, she can also say, ‘tum mere ho (you are mine)’. I don’t know the history or reason behind the sindoor and everything, I just thought she can also put, why not,” he said.

Yes indeed, why not? According to Hindu rituals, women put vermilion on their heads because it contains mercury, which helps them feel calm. It is also believed to trigger their sexual drive. But, interestingly, it nowhere explains why only women are supposed to apply sindoor and kudos to RajKummar for pointing it out.


Recently, the actor opened up about his married life and how things have changed for him. He said that he felt more ‘complete’ and added, “Something changes on a subconscious level. I feel more complete now. We are still getting used to the idea of being husband and wife. I love calling her wife now, just for fun, though.”The couple has been giving us #RelationshipGoals for years now and we love how they’re redefining the meaning of ‘soulmate’ in every possible way.

Featured Image: Instagram

04 Feb 2022

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