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#LoveIsLove: 8 Rainbow Nail Art Ideas To Support & Celebrate Pride Month

#LoveIsLove: 8 Rainbow Nail Art Ideas To Support & Celebrate Pride Month

June is officially Pride month and the celebrations are on in full swing. People across the globe are showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community by dawning the Pride flag in all its glory. But, let’s not miss the main reason why we hoist the rainbow flag. This month is all about highlighting gender diversity and advocating acceptance and equality for the LGBTQ+ community within the socio-economic sphere. Because love is love and nobody should be discriminated against based on who they choose to be with or their gender identity. 

Now, if you’re in support of equal rights and humane treatment of all individuals, irrespective of gender, or if you are a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community yourself, show it off by incorporating the LGBT pride flag in your look. It’s not a big move but it will still help bring about a change and spark conversations that help banish negative perceptions towards this inclusive community. So, if you want to flaunt those bright rainbow colours but are not sure how, let these nail art trends influence you. From minimalistic styles to bold and brazen designs, here’s all the Pride nail art inspo you need to wear your heart on your nails this season.

Rainbow Nail Art Trends For Pride Month 2022

French Pride

This minimalistic design with rainbow colours on each tip is a chic statement to make this Pride month. It has pastel hues so it’s a more muted look that can compliment any ensemble.

Rainbow Drops

A vivid rainbow nail art style that catches the eye, this design works for both short and long nails and is truly stunning.

Prism Play

A gorgeous gradient effect with rainbow hues, this one’s a quirky take on the rainbow flag that’s worth sporting in 2022. Plus, both hands have a different combination of colours that is so entrancing!

Candy Melts

A more creative French style manicure with a melting effect, this is a cool style that is both minimalistic and quirky at the same time. 

Stroke Of Genius

Here the rainbow flag is brushed on in unique strokes on each nail for a graphic effect that is unparalleled. The base of the nails is kept nude so that the pride flag colours stand out.

All Smiles

Featuring smiley emojis in rainbow colours, this nail art look is definitely a winner. Wear it on short or long shaped nails and it will always look bomb.

Acid Drip

A neon green nail look with glitter rainbow accent nails is so cool, it’s perfect for those who love dramatic beauty trends that make a mark and create a lasting impression.

Flower Power

Exuding a very retro vibe, this ’70s-themed rainbow nail art look is adorned with daisy flowers for a whimsical spin on pride nails.

If you’re keen on creating these nail designs by yourself instead of visiting the salon, stock up on these nail polish essentials. We recommend:

Take your pick from these cool nail art designs and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community.

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06 Jun 2022

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