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#LoveIsLove: To Bid Adieu To Section 377, Add These Products To Your Cart STAT!

#LoveIsLove: To Bid Adieu To Section 377, Add These Products To Your Cart STAT!

The groundbreaking news has arrived! Homosexuality is no longer a crime! The Supreme court just passed the verdict and we are still reeling from the multicolour aftermath. 


The rainbow flag is considered to be a symbol of peace and the colours on the flag celebrate and represent the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. While pride month is still on, I want to add a pop of colour into your lives with these fabulous beauty products. In hues of the rainbow, each of these babies will bring you happiness, joy and warmth. From design to compact packaging, these products are a must-have. Eager to get your hands on one? Awesome! Here are 7 rainbow beauty products to celebrate our #Pride!

1. Bomb Cosmetics Chasing Rainbows Bath Mallow

rainbow 1

This colourful bath bomb looks like a tiny cupcake. It looks so cute that you just want to eat it up! Not to mention that it smells of delicious black grapes and blueberries. Just drop the bomb into a tub of warm water and watch it fizzle out slowly. Happy bathing!

Price: Rs 1,192. Buy it here.

2. Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart

rainbow 2

A unicorn is like the byproduct of a rainbow. After all, both of them share the same colour palette. This beauty product here is a highlighter that comes with 5 shimmery shades in pastel colours. Apply it to your cheekbones and blend well. In no time you’ll have radiant, glowing skin.

Price: Rs 675. Buy it here.

3. Nykaa Call Me A Unicorn Nail Enamel Combo

rain 3

I have these at home and I can tell you that they are a treat to my eyes when I apply them. The bottles look like magical unicorn potions and are available in every rainbow colour. Giving your nails a lovely holographic finish, these are bound to fetch you a bunch of compliments.

Price: Rs 555. Buy it here.

4. Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter

rainbow 4

I’ve been eyeing this rainbow highlighter palette ever since it launched in July 2017. What’s not to love about it? The shades bright, shimmery and adorable. You can either stick to one shade or play around with multiple when applying this highlighter. It’s worth every penny I tell you.

Price: Rs 680. Buy it here.

5. Segolike Cosmetic Rainbow Face Prism Makeup Highlighter Eyeshadow

rainbow 5

I love this makeup product because I can use it in multiple ways. Use it as an eyeshadow or a highlighter, this prism makeup product will do justice to just about any look! The best part is that it’s suitable for all skin types.

Price: Rs 590. Buy it here.

6. Trendy Lifestylez Makeup Set Beauty Rainbow Eyeliner Eyebrow Eyeshadow Brush

rainbow 6

What’s the use of having many makeup products when you don’t have proper brushes to apply them, right? These ones are fancy and colourful. Also, at the bottom of each brush, there’s a tiny seashell for design and grip.

Price: Rs 1,111. Buy it here.

7. MagiDeal Rainbow Shimmer Glitter High Pigment Face Prism Makeup

rainbow 7

When you’re dressing up for a night of clubbing, make sure that you don’t forget to apply this rainbow shimmer glitter! Keep the rest of your makeup subtle and let this rainbow highlighter do all the talking.

Price: Rs 600. Buy it here.

Take pride, show it on your face! It’s all about support.

21 Jun 2018

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