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Rainbow Flag Hoisting: 6 Glam Makeup Looks To Rock This Pride Month

Rainbow Flag Hoisting: 6 Glam Makeup Looks To Rock This Pride Month

All of June is reserved to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and to spark a conversation about equal rights for all, irrespective of gender identity. The discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community is not something to be ignored. Therefore, every year, we use the entire month of June to emphasise that Love is Love! And no matter what your pronouns are, you deserve equal rights and opportunities in the world.

Of course the best way to spark a conversation about LGTBQ+ is by rocking the Pride flag in all its glory. So if you don’t have any rainbow themed OTTs to slay in, consider these pro Pride makeup looks that feature all shades of the rainbow flag.

6 Rainbow-Flag-Themed Makeup Looks To Rock This Pride Month

Rainbow Vision

This has to got to be one of the most genius rainbow flag eye makeup looks out there. And, it’s so pretty too! Instead of wearing all seven hues of the rainbow on each eye, split them up and go gradient from one eye to the next. The right eye features red on the outer corner, orange in the middle, and yellow at inner corners for a flattering ombre look. On the left eye, begin with a light green on the inner corner, blue and indigo on the centre and violet at the outer corners. Keep the rest of your makeup peachy with apricot blush and a nude glossed lip.

Prism Sheen

We are living for this pastel themed pride flag eye makeup look that is shimmery AF. It is super cute and versatile enough to be sported with any ensemble. Simply use a white eye primer to prep your lids and then blend all of the rainbow hues in pastel tones on each lid. Top it off with a coat of shimmer pigment once done and wear eyeliner and mascara.

Under Pressure 

Colourful under eye makeup has been trending and this rainbow inspired look is perfect for Pride month. Use a white concealer on the under eye areas and then blend the rainbow pigments over the white for a stunning gaze. Make sure to use matte eyeshadows and also begin with a light pink hue at the inner corners of your under eye areas. End it with red and orange hues on the outer corners and extend those very to hues to your cheeks as blush.

Rainbow Tears

This eye makeup look features triangles of the Pride flag colours beneath the lower lash lines and it sure does make a bold and beautiful statement. This look is super beginner-friendly as well! All you need are eyeliners in the seven rainbow colours to draw on those colourful triangles. The rest of the skin is left bare and only a shimmery pink gloss is worn on the lips.

Your Kiss

Don’t just reserve rainbow flag themed makeup for your eyes – you can rock those hues on your lips too. Opt for a vertical ombre of rainbow hues on your lips and then top it off with glitter for an extra glam pout.

Graphic Glow

This eye makeup look is so iconic it’s giving us ‘70s cool vibes. To recreate this look, wear metallic green eyeliner on your lower and upper lash lines and then draw over the the upper lash line’s green with blue eyeliner. Leave your lids bare and directly create vertical coloured lines in the remaining rainbow hues over your crease lines and extend them out into wings. Drench your lips in frosted fuchsia lip gloss.

In our opinion all of these makeup looks are truly stunning. Which one of them are you eager to rock this Pride month?

Featured Images: Instagram

20 Jun 2022

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