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Rain, Rain, Go Away… 5 Ways To Have Happy Hair Days This Monsoon

Rain, Rain, Go Away… 5 Ways To Have Happy Hair Days This Monsoon

After enduring the sweltering heat of summer, the rainy season is always appreciated. The season’s milder temps and delightfully cloudy sky make it simple to lose yourself. On the other hand, a shift in the weather can be hard on your hair. The first thing is that it takes some time for your hair to become used to the rapid shift in weather.

If ignored, your hair may lose its natural shine, which is definitely something we don’t want. Also, the increased humidity in the air can dull the hair and cause other problems. Making sure that your hair care routine adapts easily to the changing seasons is the best way to deal with this. Fortunately for you, we’ve created the perfect monsoon miracle routine that will help you when it rains. Read on!

5 Tips Will Help You Ace Those Hair Flips


Mild Shampoo + Conditioner

Your hair may become a sad clump because of the rain. Use a gentle shampoo to freshen up your mane, then use a quick-absorbing conditioner to rinse it all out. These will add the much-needed bounce and gloss to your hair so you can beat the blues.

Wide-Tooth Comb FTW

Use a fine-toothed comb to create a strong friendship with your limp hair. Keep one with you at all times in case you encounter wet hair while rushing to get to a meeting or a late lunch. In addition, to detangling your hair, using a wide-toothed comb will help distribute scalp oils more evenly, reducing frizz.

Use Hair Dryer On Cool Setting

Avoid using a hairdryer on your hair right after shampooing. If you have long hair, flip it to the opposite side and blow-dry the top while holding the ends in one hand. Your hair won’t fly around and get frizzy if you hold onto it. As soon as you’ve ended, move your hand up the length so you can blow-dry the ends.

Hair Spray To Tame ‘Em Mess

Have you ever spent your precious minutes crafting a time-consuming hairstyle only to have it ruined by the time you open your umbrella? What you need in life is a skilled coif finisher, and only a finishing shine spray will do. This taskmaster not only secures your locks, but also puts an end to annoying flyaways. Tress mess is no longer a disaster.

Hair Tie Is Your Saviour

Last but not least, if your hair won’t cooperate, just tie it up! Try a rope braid in the morning if you have an evening out planned. Section off the strands into two pieces on the right and left, and then twist one side in that way. After that, wrap them around each other and secure them with a hair band at the end. You’ll have a little wave but no frizz when you take it down at the end of the day!

Comment below on which rainy day hair tip worked for you.

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13 Aug 2022

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