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Before Judging Rahul Vaidya’s Exit From BB, We Should Look Into The Reasons Behind It

Before Judging Rahul Vaidya’s Exit From BB, We Should Look Into The Reasons Behind It

So last night was Bigg Boss 14’s “finale” which, as we predicted, turned out to be nothing but yet another publicity gimmick. Last night, instead of a final winner what we got was four finalists and five “frenemies” (more on that later). 

Clearly, the makers are pretty desperate to make the show work now, especially after the grand success of season 13. Honestly, we get it. However, we also feel that they are now taking it too far and it would have been for their own good had the show concluded last night. That said, we are not the only ones who feel like that and Rahul Vaidya’s unexpected voluntary exit from the house is proof enough. 

It was quite a shocker when Rahul openly told Salman that he doesn’t feel like continuing in the house anymore. He clearly said that if he stays back he’ll just cheat himself and the show. Visibly miffed, the host immediately called him out for the “lack of enthusiasm towards the show.” He further repudiated him by saying that this “has never happened before” and Rahul would be the first one to “exit the house today voluntarily because you are homesick.”

Long things short, Rahul did leave the show last night and now, everyone (read all the ex Bigg Boss contestants ever) is shocked that he did so. Apparently, they are disappointed by his voluntary exit. Here’s what they have been saying: 




Was Rahul’s voluntary exit shocking? Yes! But was it unjustified? Not really? I mean I don’t know about you but I’d also be pretty done by the Bigg Boss 14 house after all the games that makers have tried to play this season. But in case, you struggle to recollect, here’s a fresh reminder:


The Seniors Ka Vaar

Perhaps the Bigg Boss makers knew in the heart of their hearts that it would be difficult to recreate last season’s success. No other way of explaining why they’d need three ex-contestants (Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan, and Gauahar Khan) to enter the house as “seniors” and live with the fresh batch of contestants. 

The Confirmed, Non-confirmed Sadasya Gimmick

In the premiere episode itself, contestants were told that they would be first tested and then confirmed for the show. I mean are you freaking kidding us? Oh, they even made four of these contestants sleep in the garden area because they were rejected by the seniors. However, the rejected contestants drama obviously didn’t last a long time and within a week everyone was inside the house. 

All The Weird Evictions

The eliminations and the vote-outs in the first three weeks of the Bigg Boss house happened in the fishiest way possible. Contestants were evicted by “seniors,” by fellow housemates, and basically by everything except a lack of votes. Now think of it from a contestants’ perspective: if you were a part of the Bigg Boss house, wouldn’t you lose it after so much drama? 


Radhe Maa As A Bait, Seniors, Frenemies

From seniors to frenemies, there have been so many characters in Bigg Boss seasons that it legit feels like we are watching one of those long stretched shows (Sasural Simar Ka for instance) where the makers are now doing just anything to make it work. I mean it was still fine till seniors who were people that were actually liked on the show but seriously what’s with the frenemies? For the unversed, these frenemies include Vikas Gupta, Rahul Mahajan, Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, and Arshi Khan. Can someone please tell Bigg Boss makers that these are literally the last people we wanna watch on our screens right now? Also, we are still not over how the makers tried to project like Radhe Maa was going to be one of the contestants this season!

Fake Finale

Bigg Boss’s weekend episodes this week were legit dedicated to a “fake finale.” That should be self-explanatory as to why the current citation is frustrating AF, right?

Just imagine being a part of this charade and tell me if you, as a well established professional, would want to be associated with the show. Tell us: would you as a self-respecting individual want to be a part of all this madness?

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06 Dec 2020

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