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Outsiders Should Work Hard & Ask For Auditions: Radhika Madan On Nepotism In Bollywood

Outsiders Should Work Hard & Ask For Auditions: Radhika Madan On Nepotism In Bollywood

The tragic death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput has reignited conversations around nepotism in Bollywood. Several industry insiders have alleged that Sushant was always treated like an outsider by Bollywood’s elite and was alienated. 

A few days ago, actor Sushmita Sen, who doesn’t hail from a prominent Bollywood family, shared her views on nepotism and how she survived as an outsider in the industry. Now, Angrezi Medium actor Radhika Madan has chosen to talk about it.

In a recent interview, she spoke about the importance of asking for auditions. “Your job is to just ask for the audition, that is it. I literally went to the producers and asked them to let me audition. And that’s how I got roles, that’s how I got Pataakha, that’s how I got Angrezi. I literally went and said, ‘Can I audition?’ That is the most outsiders can do. You need to stop cribbing and start working on yourself,” she said.

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While she acknowledged that nepotism exists in Bollywood, she said aspiring actors should put their energy into working on themselves instead. “There’s a situation, accept it and move on. Will it change? I don’t know. In the meantime though, can we just utilize this time by not complaining and working on ourselves. The issues have been put out, yes. I’m not denying it, let’s not run away from it. I’m not saying to not address the issue, it has been addressed. Everybody is aware, All I’m saying is to not put all your energies into it, but rather, work on yourself,” she said.

Radhika also opened up about her own auditions, some of which didn’t go as well as she’d hope. Recalling her audition for Student Of The Year, she said, “I did audition for Dharma. I gave them the worst audition of myself because I was so scared. I auditioned for Student of the Year, but I had got a fever and performed and I gave the worst audition of my life. So, I won’t blame a Dharma for not casting me. It was my call, I got an opportunity, but I didn’t perform and tagged myself out.”

In the past, Radhika has acknowledged that there isn’t a fair playing field for outsiders in the industry. In an old interview with a leading daily, she said that while star kids are groomed to be actors their entire lives, outsiders get only one chance after many years which is their “make or break”. The most they can do, in that situation, is give their 200 percent to any role or audition.

Good on her for keeping it positive and working hard to achieve her goals! Let’s hope Bollywood gives more people like her a chance in the future.

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01 Jul 2020

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