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Talent Extraordinaire! Radhika Apte’s Directorial Debut Film Wins An International Award

Talent Extraordinaire! Radhika Apte’s Directorial Debut Film Wins An International Award

Be it her curious albeit unabating relationship with Netflix originals or spectacular short films like Ahalya, trust Radhika Apte to do everything with her characteristic finesse. Whether it’s her portrayal of intense, layered characters on the stage or on the silver screen, this is one actress who never fails to stun. And it’s something that Radhika has also managed to do with her directorial debut. Having already proven her mettle as an actress, Radhika recently ventured into direction with a short film and she aced it. 

Titled Sleepwalkers, Radhika’s film was shortlisted for Palm Springs International Short Fest which was held online this year and Radhika recently took to Instagram to announce that the film has won anaward. 

“The winner of the Best Midnight Short Award is…. “The Sleepwalkers”! Congratulations!” Radhika wrote on Instagram and added “Thank you!! @psfilmfest ♥️ we are so thrilled to have won the Best Midnight Short at the Palm Springs International Short Festival !!!” 

It was just earlier this month that the film’s trailer was released online. Talking about the same, Radhika had said in a media statement, “I enjoyed the process (of direction) a lot. I am excited because, hopefully, people can watch it soon. I hope I get to do more work as a director, maybe, let’s see!” 

However, she also made it pretty clear that her venture into direction doesn’t mean that she is quitting acting anytime soon. Expressing her problem with the idea that an actor turns to direction or production only when they are done acting, Radhika said, “Why does it have to be any of this, why can’t I do both? I can act and direct certain projects, if I need or feel like doing it. I hope more people venture into this.”

“It is extraordinary to be doing different things if they interest you, you learn more about the other department. It was extremely enriching. I now know so much about filmmaking than I knew before. I know how many mistakes I made. I realise it is fascinating and I would love to do direct again,” she further added. 

As far as the subject matter of the film is concerned, Radhika hasn’t divulged much information till now. Thus, we’d have to watch to find out what the film is actually about. Till then, the trailer would have to suffice. Here, take a look:

Well, given that Radhika has managed to score an International award for her very first project as a director, one can speak with almost a certainty that she’s on the right path. Here’s hoping that she keeps bringing awards to the nation. Many congratulations Radhika!

Featured Image: Instagram 


23 Jun 2020

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