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Women Characters Have Been Legit Used Like Props In Salman Khan’s Radhe & We Are Furious

Women Characters Have Been Legit Used Like Props In Salman Khan’s Radhe & We Are Furious

So I finally got to stream Radhe last night. It all started with the thought, ‘It’s just one of those masala films’. How bad can it possibly get? Well, turns out, I was really challenging the universe with that thought coz’ it got really bad…really soon. 

I mean you don’t even need a critical eye to tell that the film is downright terrible. From a hackneyed plot to the lazy dialogues, there isn’t one thing about the movie that can possibly keep you hooked. Five minutes into the film and you’d know that it is doomed beyond repair. It’s like the makers cast Salman Khan in the lead role and expected his star power to do the rest of the job. 

Now, this actually brings us to a very important question: why did they even care about casting Disha Patani or any other women character in the film? Because from where we see it, Salman Khan’s bracelet was given more footage and importance in the film than the leading lady (if she can be called that). Simply put, Radhe has no place for women. It is a world run by the men, disrupted by the men, and eventually saved by the men. And as far as the women characters are concerned, we really feel that they could have easily done away with the charade by not casting any one of them at all. Here’s why:

Is That A Woman Is That A Prop..Guess We Will Never Know


In the film, Radhe (Salman Khan) meets Diya (Disha Patani) on a road while looking for a lift. For some reason, the instant he sees Diya (read, does a head-to-toe scan), he decides to act all bechara and tells her that he has been walking for hours. The gullible Diya falls for the (terrible) acting and decides to give him a lift. This is followed by unnecessarily zoomed-in shots of Disha’s legs while she drives the car in a mini skirt. However, it does not stop just there and Radhe acts like he has lost his phone and asks Diya to call him. Guess what? Like we already told you–the leading lady is gullible enough to fall for that as well! And mind you, Radhe does all of this while playing a righteous police officer. 

Disha has literally been used as a prop in the film. She appears during random movements literally out of nowhere just to call Radhe a “sweet boy” again and again….and again! For most of the film, Diya is under the illusion that Radhe is a struggling model and breaks into a random dance number whenever it comes to a point where she is required to display a functioning mind. In most of the reviews, the actress has been applauded for her dancing skills and costumes. And well, that says a lot about Disha’s role in the film!

Why Cast Disha When Jackie Shroff Agreed To Wear A Dress?


Amid all the randomness that happens in Radhe, there comes a time when Jackie Shroff is seen wearing a marsala mini dress and dancing with Salman. Now, I’d refrain from getting into the hows and whys of it. Nothing in this film makes any sense and Jackie’s slip dress is part of the shit show. However, given that all that Disha has done in the film is wear pretty dresses and dance, why did they even bother casting her when Jackie was already doing it for them. Just sayin’!

The Bechari Damsels Of Radhe


There is like a total of three women characters in Radhe and all of them need constant saving when they aren’t being manipulated or exploited by the men in the film. They are like helpless puppets who have no agency of their own. Megha Akash plays Nikisha, Salman’s subordinate in the film. Now, Radhe has been projected as Nikisha’s mentor. You sit through the film expecting something cool from Nikisha, at least a punch to one of the many villains. However, none of that happens in the film where time and again, Radhe is seen protecting Nikisha and always making it at the right time to save her ass! 

Once again–why did they even bother casting any women in the film?

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17 May 2021

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