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Wedding Planning, COVID-19 Edition: Questions To  Ask A Makeup Artist Before Hiring Them

Wedding Planning, COVID-19 Edition: Questions To Ask A Makeup Artist Before Hiring Them

Intimate weddings might be the ‘new normal’ in the COVID-19 world. While the brides-to-be might be stressed about wedding planning during a pandemic, their bridal makeup shouldn’t take a hit. And for that, we’re here to make your life easier. As a bride, you might be intensively scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for bridal makeup inspo and might have a fair idea of how you want to look on your D-day. The next step is to find the perfect makeup artist who can recreate what you have in mind. And that’s tricky! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Questions To Ask A Makeup Artist Before Making The Final Call!

Our mantra: Take time, and RESEARCH! First off, you need someone who makes you feel comfortable. Apart from that, there are some important questions that you need to ask your potential makeup artist, especially in these COVID-19 times. Take notes, ladies!

1. Considering the situation, what safety measures do you follow when you go for bridal makeup?

This should be the FIRST question you ask an MUA right now. Ask them about the personal hygiene they maintain and what kind of precautions they take while dealing with clients in person. Don’t be afraid to ask about masks, PPE, gloves, sanitized makeup…the works!

2. Will you do a trial session? If yes, would you charge?

Even if you check their work thoroughly, getting a makeup trial is crucial. It will not only give you the opportunity to communicate exactly what you want, but you will also be able to see how the makeup artist works. Ask them if they charge extra for the trial session because after all, they’re giving you their professional time and effort.

3. Please tell me about the packages you offer. Also, will you be willing to customise one for me?

It’s completely up to you whether you want to hire a makeup artist and hair stylist separately. But considering the situation, we’d recommend you to have fewer people around. Hiring multiple people will increase the risk of contracting the virus, and that’s definitely not what you want. Do ask them if they would be willing to customise a package to especially suit your needs.


4. How long will my makeup and the hair styling take on the wedding day?

This is very important for you to know! Why? Well, you don’t want to be running late while your dulha waits for you right outside your wedding venue.

5. Can you please tell me about the products you use?

You don’t want to find out that they’re using a product that you don’t approve of. Also, if you are allergic to certains products, it’s always better to have this discussion ahead of time.

6. Would you be open to use my makeup products?

In the time of coronavirus, sharing ISN’T caring, anymore. So if you would want to use your own makeup products, make sure you ask the professional beforehand. Also, brides with sensitive skin may want the same.

7. How do you clean your makeup products?

With COVID-19 on the forefront of everyone’s mind lately, thoughts of sanitising everything are too. Do not forget to ask them about how they clean their products. It’s crucial for you to know so that you can be as relaxed as possible on your D-day.

8. I saw your Instagram page, but can you take me through your style of makeup, once?

As brides-to-be, you must’ve scrolled through Instagram pages of the makeup artists you’ve shortlisted, but make sure you ask them about their style of makeup. Depending on your requirement, ask the makeup artist whether they will be comfortable with the style you want. You can also ask them what would be better for your skin.

You must know that not all makeup artists are comfortable taking inspirations from other pictures. So, if you’re planning to ask them to recreate a look, you must convey that to them way in advance. 

Tip: Go for HD makeup if you want a softer/natural look whereas Airbrush makeup is perfect for brides with oily skin. 

9. Do you have a team of makeup artists or will you be the one doing my makeup on the wedding day?

Have no doubts that you MUST know who exactly is doing your makeup on your D-day. It’s best to talk to them directly while discussing the look. Also, it would be a mammoth task to discuss the safety measures of multiple individuals all over again.

10. Do I have to bring my own accessories?

There are plenty of accessories that you might be needing on your wedding day. Be it a particular shade of nail polish, fake eyelashes or flowers, you must decide who would be getting them to avoid any last-minute hassles. However, we would recommend you to get your own accessories because the one person you can trust the most when it comes to hygiene is YOU! So, the lesser you depend on someone else, the better!

11. Please tell me about your charges!

While this shouldn’t be the main criteria you look at before hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, it must be considered, of course. You must ask them specifically about the inclusions and exclusions of the package you’re considering.


12. What are the booking terms and the mode of payment you prefer?

Just because you are continuously in touch with the makeup artist doesn’t mean they have blocked your dates. Yes, we do have fewer weddings happening these days but booking them in advance is a good idea. Check with them about their booking terms and how much advance you have to pay. Discuss which mode of payment they would prefer–cash, card or cheque (to name a few). Taking today’s situation into consideration, the digital mode of payment would be the most appropriate.

13. Would you bring your own lighting equipment?

Most makeup artists usually carry their own lighting equipment but we’re sure that you would want to know that beforehand. Make sure that they are planning to sanitise the equipment as well.

14. What’s your cancellation policy?

It’s important for you to know about their cancellation and refund policies in case of any reconsiderations or emergencies. Therefore, you must have a Plan B worked out with your makeup artist. You have to ask them if they will have a trusted colleague or an assistant who will replace him/her that day (and that you would want to meet them as well). Be sure to ask them if they will give you a refund in case they have to cancel.

15. Will you be able to stay through the wedding & would you charge extra for that?

Will you require the makeup artist to be with you until the photo sessions for touch-ups etc? If yes, make sure you ask him/her if they’re willing to do so. Also, ask them about any additional charges.

Do NOT refrain from asking questions and make sure all your queries are answered before you make the final booking, especially in these uncertain times. 

Take one step at a time and you will be fine. Happy wedding planning!

Featured Image: Sohni Juneja

08 Jul 2020

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