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11 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before A Planned C-Section

11 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before A Planned C-Section

Your doctor may suggest a cesarean section delivery if there are potential risks associated with vaginal delivery, or if there is danger to the fetus. Either way, during this surgery, an incision will be made through the abdomen and uterus to deliver your newborn.

Now, even though this method of childbirth might seem daunting, the good news is that a complete know-how of the procedure and its aftercare will make it easy for you to go through it. The first step in this direction is to have a detailed conversation with your doctor and ask them questions that can help you prepare for the procedure better.

11 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Your C-section

You should have a detailed discussion about your surgery procedure with your doctor.

If your doctor has already advised a C-section, it is better to discuss certain points with them beforehand. Here’s a list of 11 questions that you should ask your doctor before your procedure to help ease your mind.

Is The Procedure Painful And How Long Does It Take?

C section isn’t generally painful as you will be administered anesthesia, usually in the form of an epidural or spinal block. This will numb the lower part of your body and you won’t be able to feel anything during the procedure. 

You may, however, be awake during the entire duration of the surgical process, which can last for 45 minutes or less and is followed by another 30 minutes of post-surgery wound cleaning and dressing.

Can I Eat Before The Surgery And How Soon Can I Eat Afterwards?

Ask your doctor about your eating schedule before and after the C-section surgery

The entire process of bringing a new life into the world can really work your appetite. Therefore, it’s best to check with your primary care doctor and determine when and what you can eat before the surgery. Earlier, patients were advised not to drink or eat anything after midnight before their C-section. But in recent years, doctors have allowed patients to drink clear liquids before the surgery.

After the surgery, your doctor will advise you to drink liquids and consume light meals only. Also, you are likely to have gas pains and won’t feel the urge to eat anything. In such cases, one can chew on some gum to relieve the pain and then make sure to have light food such as khichdi, or rice and dal.

Will Spinal Anesthesia Lead To Back Problems?

Anesthesia is pivotal during a C-section delivery. While there are no side effects if administered correctly, in rare back problems. So make sure to have a thorough conversation with your doctor and ask them if there are any potential risks. If they do warn you about backache, then enquire about preventative measures you can take or treatment methods available.

Can My Partner Be In The Room During The Procedure?

Having your partner right beside you during the procedure can help you stay calm and relaxed. The good news is that almost all private hospitals allow partners or a family member in the operating room during a C-section delivery. So make sure to confirm with your doctor to know if your partner can stay right beside you to support you during this process. 

When Will I Be Able To Hold My Baby?

You may want to see and hold your little bub immediately after they arrive, but when you have given birth via C-section, you may have to wait just a tad bit longer. Typically, after a C-section, mothers are required to wait until they’re in the recovery room to hold their baby. This can take about 20 minutes or so.

How Soon Can I Breastfeed My Baby?

You will be able to breastfeed your baby immediately after the surgery but make sure to learn the best feeding positions from your doctor

According to studies, you can begin breastfeeding your baby almost immediately after your C-section. However, it’s still safe to ask your doctor and also learn if any pain medications that you may be given will interfere with your milk production.

Make sure to learn the best positions to breastfeed your baby after a C-section from your doctor. Two positions that work well are the side-lying hold, where you can rest while your baby feeds, and the football hold that avoids any kind of rubbing in your incision.

How Long Will I Be In The Hospital?

This depends on your recovery. New mums are typically in the hospital for an average of two to four days, but this can vary based on how your recovery is progressing. Still, you should ask your doctor about the average time you will be spending in the hospital to prepare yourself ahead of time and pack your hospital bag essentials accordingly.

Do I Need To Take Any Special Care To Avoid Abdominal Strain?

It is essential to maintain minimal pressure on your abdomen following a C-section delivery. This is because your internal scars need time to repair and heal. Moreover, too much pressure on your abdomen area can increase the risk of a hernia after C-section. So discuss with your doctor to learn ways to avoid abdominal strain and ways to manage it. 

How Do I Care For My Scar?

After the doctor removes the stitches or staples from your incision, your C-section scar will be covered with a paper tape-like product. These tapes keep your wound closed and clean and fall off on their own. Ask your doctor if there’s a proper way to tend to your scar, if it’s safe to take a bath, and if there’s anything you should avoid (like lifting heavy objects), to prevent the wound from reopening. 

How Long Will It Take For Me To Completely Recover?

After a C-section, you will have to rest for a period of six weeks. However, in some cases, this duration can be longer. Ask your doctor how long you will be on bed rest after discharge from the hospital. Also check on the  activities you should avoid during your recovery period.

When Can I Have  Sex After A C-Section 

Although sex might be the last thing to cross your mind after your little one arrives, it’s still an important topic that you should discuss with your doctor. With vaginal delivery, intercourse is usually off the limits for six weeks, and with C-section, the duration could be longer. Consult your doctor to know more information about resuming your sex life and whether you should take a contraceptive pill or abstain.

Giving birth via C-section can be quite scary but with the right support from your doctor, you can overcome your fears. Make sure to ask all the questions that are on your mind, as it will provide the best possible care to you and your baby. It will also help you gain sufficient knowledge about the procedure and keep you calm and relaxed throughout your journey.  

27 Apr 2022

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