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Don’t Forget To Ask These 7 Questions At Your Next Job Interview!

Don’t Forget To Ask These 7 Questions At Your Next Job Interview!

Every time you go for an interview, there is a standard question that is always a part of it. “Do you have any questions?” Most of us just smile and say no, maybe ask about the pay if our salaries haven’t been made clear, or the work timings and other generic questions that we could just ask the receptionist. So instead, I made a list of useful and effective questions that you should ask your interviewers at the end of a job interview.

1. What Are The Growth Opportunities Given To Someone In My Position?  

This just shows that you have the drive to achieve great things and you aren’t ready to give that up for a position that is stagnant.

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2. Is The Company Planning On Expanding Into Other Cities / Countries?

If you’re someone who likes to travel and explore new places, you can just casually bring up how you would like to maybe transfer to another office.

3. What Does A Typical Day In The Office Look Like?

You’re curious and that’s okay, this will give you a chance to begin a conversation about the office life and environment.

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4. How Would You Describe The Culture Of The Company?

A relevant question, this will help you understand if the values of the company match yours and would you be the right fit for each other.

5. Where Is The Company Headed In The Next 5 Years?

So that you can figure out if you and the company are headed in the same direction.

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6. What Will I Be Expected To Accomplish In The First 60 Days?

Setting short-term goals are very essential, both for the company and what you expect out of yourself.

7.  How Will You Measure My Success In The Company?

Be interested in the tangible impact you can make – whether it is the amount of hours you put in, your knowledge of the industry and how you can put it to effective use or how much money you can make for the company.

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Be assertive and inquisitive in your interviews so that you are one step ahead of the other contenders!

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13 Oct 2017

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