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#CupidOverCovid: Quarantine Proposals That Remind Us Love Is All We Need

#CupidOverCovid: Quarantine Proposals That Remind Us Love Is All We Need

Do you know the one thing that’s defeating the novel coronavirus? It’s love! With intimate shaadis or getting engaged virtually, couples are embracing the new normal. And not just weddings, COVID-19 couldn’t take proposals away from us as well. The pandemic may have spoiled their elaborate proposal plans but one thing is for sure– it couldn’t stop them from popping the question. TBH, proposals have become even more creative.

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Doing what I do the best, I scrolled through Instagram to bring you happy proposal stories (just to cheer you up). And now my heart is so full because even during these terrible times, couples are proving that love always finds a way. These couples found creative ways to propose to their partners while in quarantine  ‘coz frankly, the pandemic is still far from over. So here’s to love!  

PS: Keep your tissues handy!

The Couple Who Proved Pyaar Dosti Hai!

Meet Deepali and Harsh, best friends 10 ten years and now engaged to each other. They were supposed to get engaged on April 11 earlier this year. But thanks to coronavirus, they had to postpone their engagement plans. So instead of sulking, the bride-to-be planned a beautiful virtual proposal for Harsh. 

Deepali decided to honour their engagement day and planned a surprise proposal for Harsh on a Zoom call. It was A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E beyond words. You have to see it to know what I’m talking about. 

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A Virtual Flash Mob To Propose The Love Of His Life

A virtual flash mob? Whoa! Isn’t that a wonderful idea to involve all your family members and friends in your special moment. Akshay made this video for Varsha and guess what? The bride-to-be was, herself, a part of the video and didn’t even know it. 

The special lockdown proposal video was made on a Bruno Mars song. In the video, everyone comes together and dance on the song while holding placards that read, “you’re his lobster”, “tera toh game over ho gaya baby” and “if you don’t wanna be his bro, then be his bride”. The video ends with Akshay getting down on one knee and proposing to Varsha. She said yes, of course! Check out the video – 

When He Brought Paris To Virginia!


Luke McClung and Erika Diffendall, a couple from Fredericksburg in Virginia, were all set to get engaged in Paris. However, they had to cancel their dream engagement trip due to coronavirus. But this didn’t let the couple delay their engagement.

Luke brought the Eiffel Tower to Virginia and proposed the love of his life. How, you ask? He drew Eiffel Tower on a brick wall and proposed to Erika underneath the wall. Full marks for improvisation, Luke! Check out the pictures and we bet you’ll agree that it was romantic AF.




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What A Beautiful Moment This Couple Had!


Don’t you just love when proposals turn into a family affair? Well, I surely do. Jo Solis took help of his two sons – Dominic and Evan – to propose to his girlfriend, Vanessa Palomo. The boys wrote separate letters to Vanessa asking her to marry their father. 

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After Vanessa was done reading the letters, Jo went down on one knee and proposed to her in front of the entire family. And she said yes! The best part: There will soon be a new addition to this adorable family. Taking to Instagram in June, Vanessa announced her pregnancy



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A post shared by Vanessa Palomo (@vanecakes) on Mar 19, 2020 at 3:27pm PDT


Adorable, aren’t they? Sending you all virtual love and best wishes for the years to come.

Featured Image: Instagram/Vanessa Palomo


03 Sep 2020

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