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Punjabiya Di Shaan Wakhri: 60 Best Punjabi Songs For Your Every Mood!

Punjabiya Di Shaan Wakhri: 60 Best Punjabi Songs For Your Every Mood!

I’m just going to come out and say it, Punjabi songs are the best. Whether you’re in the mood to dance or romance or you just want to listen to something soulful, Punjabi songs have it all. There’s just something about the lyrics and the music that you can’t help but get hooked. In fact, I connect to Punjabi music on a level that I can’t connect to a Hindi or English song. If you’re even a little bit like me, I have the perfect gift for you. Here’s a list of the latest and the best Punjabi songs for you to enjoy on all occasions – from when you have to perform at a Shaadi to when you’re sitting alone in the car listening to romantic songs.

Best Punjabi Songs For Couple Performance

If you are one of those couples who would ditch a romantic Bollywood number to dance on foot-tapping Punjabi beats beaming with energy, then we have a list of the best Punjabi dance songs for you!

1. Do You Know, Diljit Dosanjh
Diljit and his songs are just out of this world! What better way to express your love for your fiancé on stage than this song?

2. Proper Patola, Diljit Dosanjh
Let your betrothed show his appreciation for you in front of the world with this song. After all, you are a proper patola and he’s lucky to have you

3. Soch, Hardy Sandhu
This romantic number was so beautiful that it won hearts everywhere even with its Hindi version in the movie Airlift. Your love for each other cannot be measured and you should let the world know that!

4. Nehu Da Vyah, Neha Kakkar & Rohanpreet Singh                                                       The two newlyweds are super adorable! And their chemistry makes the song even more lovable. If you’re planning a dance performance with your partner, there’s no better song than this one.

5. Gucci, Aroob Khan                                                                                                    You’re not a materialistic partner, remind them that. Choose this song to express your sincere love for him and to let him know that as much as you love receiving little gifts from him, it’s the relationship that you treasure not the possessions

6. Backbone, Hardy Sandhu
Couple performances are all about letting the world get to know you two as a couple. That’s why it is important that you select the right song, like this one, for it. In this song, the singer talks about how the two are each other’s strength and backbone, just like any couple should be.

7. Kudiye Ni, Aparshakti Khurana & Neeti Mohan
Aparshakti Khurana and Neeti Mohan’s new single is not only beautiful to listen to, it’ll also make for an adorable dance performance with its funky beats and oh-so-cute lyrics.

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8. Laung Laachi, Ammy Virk
This song became really popular in 2018 and was heard at almost every wedding. But the thing with this song is that you can watch a bride dance to it a million times and still not get bored. There’s just something about the song that’s so beautiful.

9. Nai Jaana, Neha Bhasin
The quintessential bridal solo dance where she can involve a lot of other family members too. It’s a really cute song where the bride is pulling the groom’s family’s leg in the sweetest way ever!

10. Ve Maahi, Kesari
This romantic number from Kesari has already become a favourite for all the couples to dance to. With such beautiful music and soulful lyrics, it was bound to become a hit sooner or later!

11. Suit Suit, Guru Randhawa
Have your man praise you in front of everyone you know with this Guru Randhawa song that became a chartbuster within no time!

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12. Jaani Tera Naa, Sunanda Sharma
Even if you listen to limited Punjabi songs, we’re still sure you’ve heard this one. With lyrics like ‘Meri mummy nu pasand nai tu, ve tera gora muh… me ta vi tenu pyaar kardi chan ve,’ it’ll soon have the crowds hooting!

13. Banja Tu Meri Rani, Tumhari Sulu

This song can come under best punjabi songs when it comes to couple dance. The opening of the song paves a good way for older couples to dance on beats. The song doesn’t go boring and can be combined with classic dance steps.

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14. Kala Chashma, Baar Baar Dekho

If you like Kaitrina Kaif and Siddharth Kapoor, as a couple you would like to pick this song up. It’s a quirky and beats delighting song. This was the song trending in 2018 and rocked many wedding dance floors, surely this should be in a couple dance number.

15. Morni Banke, Badhai Ho

If you are a young and chirpy couple, you must choose this song for your sangeet performance. This will create a comic as well as a fun time couple dance performance.  Seeing Sanya and Ayushmaan, this song gives us a couple dance goals.

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Best Punjabi Songs For Family Performances

This list of new Punjabi songs 2022 will have your loved ones tapping on the beat and giving some smashing dance performances. We assure you these high-energy songs as dance numbers will involve a lot of Latka-jhatkas!

1. Wakhra Swag, Navv Inder
A song perfect for the groom’s friends and brothers – it’ll totally be an awesome option to pump up your bro who’s getting married. After all, tere yaar ta da wakhra swag ni!

2. Mundeya Tu Bachke Rahi, Punjabi MC
This will be a fun song for the bride’s side to dance on. The beat and the lyrics are so fun, you wouldn’t be able to resist dancing to it.

3. Kala Shah Kala, Annamika
Remember how fun all the ladies’ sangeet functions are? Making inappropriate jokes, incessant laughing and singing songs – well, this song is for one of those occasions.

4. Gallan Goodiyan, Dil Dhadakne Do
Want a song for all the ladkewale/ladkiwale to perform on so that you can intimidate the other side and win the sangeet – well, prepare a family performance on this song and you’re all set.

5. Sajna Ji Vaari Vaari, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.
This one is for all the couples in the house. For some reason, this endearing song did not gain the momentum it deserved and that’s what makes it even better to perform on.

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6. Kawa Kawa, Monsoon Wedding
Monsoon Wedding was one of India’s first shaadi centric movies. So naturally, the songs in the movie had to be totally shaadi worthy.

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7. Veer Ji Vyon Chaleya, Jassi Sidhu
One wedding song the groom’s family cannot miss is this one. They’re all set to marry their beloved brother/friend to the love of his life and this needs to be celebrated accordingly.

8. Kaala Doreya, Neha Bhasin
A song made for the loving bond of bhabhi and devar. Dance with your groom-to-be’s brother on this song and set the stage on fire.

9. Lathe Di Chaddar, Musarrat Nazir
Calling all the ladies of the house! We have the perfect dance song for you! This classic Punjabi song will add such vintage feels to the whole performance and make it unforgettable for all!

10. Jalsa, Sartinder Sartaj
Find me a better song for the final performance of the night – lyrics and music wise. I dare you! 

11. London Thumakda, Queen
This song has been in the playlist of every family when it comes to family parties or family functions. You can’t miss this song when it’s about family functions. The way Kangana Ranaut has presented this song brings the whole family together into different levels of vibes.

12. Dil Lehgayi Kudi Gujratdi
Your partner with his gang can turn the stage on fire with this song. It’s a famous dancing number in the 90s, but people can still connect and make the most out of this song. For wedding sangeet this song is perfect for the groom troop.

13. Nachde Ne Saare, Baar Baar Dekho
Just like the song above, yo! Bride gang shouldn’t be left behind. Bride gang can choose this song for their sangeet event to rock the floor. This latest addition to the wedding playlist can be rocking when it comes to punjabi songs for Instagram stories.

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Best Punjabi Songs For When You’re Sad

Are you feeling burnt out or did you recently go through a terrible heart break? Put on our list of these Punjabi breakup songs that are slow, emotional and romantic, which will allow you to acknowledge your feelings and deal with heartburn!

1. Mann Bharya, B Praak
B Praak has one of the best voices for heart-rending songs. Recently broke up with your boyfriend and need to cry your heart out? This is your song!

2. Titliaan, Afsana Khan                                                                                                 Did they cheat on you? Are you feeling blue? Put on this sassy song and watch yourself get over the breakup. We hate calling this number a sad track because she may be talking about betrayal but the beats are damn good! 

3. Tu Hi Das De, Simar Panag & Mickey Singh                                                            There are some days when your mood just fluctuates, and while it remains mostly dull, music can cheer you up! You listen to this song once and you will be singing along to this one forever, we promise. 

4. Qismat, Ammy Virk
Ammy Virk’s Qismat took off and topped all the charts within no time, along with winning our hearts. Anytime you’re missing your boyfriend, you can listen to this song!

5. Mastaani, B Praak
As much as I hate saying this and wish it never happens, this is the song to listen to when you’re heartbroken.

6. Nain Na Jodeen, Badhai Ho
Badhai Ho was a great movie and it gave us some great songs. Like this sad number that tells you that love maybe a trap and falling in love may hurt you.

7. Kaun Hoyega, Ammy Virk
I’m only going to quote the lyrics of this song and you’ll know why it is so perfect – ‘Je main nahi tere kol, te phir kaun hoyega, Rooh meri tadpegi Jaani, dil vi royega    

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8. Ikk Vaari Hor Soch Le, Harish Verma
If you’re going through or considering a break up, both of you need to listen to this together and reconsider your decision. ‘Coz ‘je hun yaaro tut gayi ta judni nahi, tu ikk vaari hor soch le’!

9. Sakhiya, Maninder Buttar
The beat of the song maybe catchy and make you think it’s a happy song but if you listen to the lyrics carefully, you’ll realise that this is a song about a girl deeply in love with a man who hurts her a lot!

10. Ijazat, Falak
Personally, for me, this is a timeless song. I’ve never heard a song that has put our pain in better words than this one. Listen to it and tell me!

11. Tutteya Tara, Ammy Virk
Another break up song that may help you channelise your inner anguish if you sing it out aloud at the top of your voice.

12. Dil Main Nai Laona, Maninder Buttar
Had a heartbreak and think you’ll never fall in love? Listen to this song that puts your feelings in words.

13. Peer Tere Jaan Di by Gurdas Maan
Any Punjabi song playlist is incomplete without Gurdas Maan’s song. This legendary singer has given us all everything we need through his voice. This song will definitely melt you, when you need the melting.

14. Waasta by Prabh Gill
This song is so relatable and would resonate with people who are trying to forget someone. If you think, sad songs will help you ease your pain then you can add this to your playlist of sad songs.

15. Taareyan Di Loye by Bir Singh
His voice is so mesmerizing that once you listen to him, you can’t go back or stop listening to it. The words in his songs connect so well with people that it gives them a ray of hope in the midst of chaos.

Best Punjabi Dance Songs

The groovy beats and rhythmic structure of Punjabi songs is what gets the crowd on their toes. It is the Bhangra beats which is popular on dance circuits. So, we thought of bringing you the latest list of the best Punjabi dance songs which will make your feet unstoppable on the dance floor!


1. Illegal Weapon, Jasmine Sandlas & Garry Sandhu
This song put Jasmine Sandlas on the map and in our hearts in one go. Punjabis love two things – good music and dancing. This song combines our two loves and can get us on the dance floor in no time!

2. Ishq Tera Tadpave, Sukhbir
Summing up your dance experience in one line – ‘Oh ho ho ho, oh ho ho ho’!

3. Badami Rang, Nikk                                                                                                     This high energy song is perfect for those who love to dance. And if at all you don’t wish to, play this song to turn the party on, full on. 

4. Old Skool – Prem Dhillon Ft. Sidhu Moosewala, Naseeb                                      Perfect to play during your parties, watch everybody move to this song without any pushing! They wouldn’t need you to drag them to the dance floor, this track is enough force. 

5. Sadi Gali, Tanu Weds Manu

Not only is this an amazing wedding song, it also makes for an amazing song to dance on. The music will have you on the dance floor in no time.

6. Tunak Tunak Tun, Daler Mehndi
Daler Mehndi was the OG when it came to Punjabi dance songs. His songs are so popular that some of them are still played at every wedding and party till date!

7. Dil Chori Sada Ho Gaya, Hans Raj Hans
While this song was remade, it is still the original that has our hearts. Hans Raj Hans’ voice and the beats make this song unbeatable.

8. Ho Jayegi Balle Balle, Daler Mehndi
Obviously more than one Daler Mehndi song needs to be on this list and for all the right reasons. On to the dance floor, everyone!

9. Aaja Nachle, Bally Sagoo
The song literally asks you to come and dance. So why wouldn’t you want to do gidda to this song?

10. Laung Gawacha, Nucleya
The beat drop of this song is so epic, we just couldn’t help ourselves!

11. Kaun Nachdi, Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety
Guru Randhawa has a knack of making songs that aren’t just fun but amazing to dance as well.

12. Kangana Tera Ni, Dr Zeus
The song may be over five years old, but its magic is still alive and it can still get us up and groovin’ in no time!

13. Lehanga by Jass Manak
If you are looking for the best dance songs at your wedding, you can’t miss this Lehanga song to add to your playlist. Sung by Jass Manak, it’s a mandatory punjabi wedding song.

14. Pyaar Tenu Karda Gabru, Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan
If you are looking out to woo your sweetheart, this can be the song. Take some dance moves from Ayushmaan Khurana. It’s a must have in your punjabi wedding song playlist.

15. Whiskey by Gippy Grewal
If you want to add punjabi party songs to your playlist, and you want some dinchak beats, you need to add this party whiskey song and grab your glass and tap your toes to this dancing number.

Best Punjabi Romantic Songs

Punjabi music sings a beautiful ballad of love. So, to all the couples out there – we bring you a list of romantic Punjabi songs which will speak directly to your soul!

1. Gallan Mithiyan, Mankirt Aulakh
As the singer talks about being thankful for her partner and being so happy to spend her life with him, you’ll end up wishing for the same kind of love.

2. Chann Vi Gawah, Madhav Mahajan
For all the couples who are intent on spending their lives with each other – this one’s for you!

3. Khyaal Rakhya Kar, Neha Kakkar & Rohanpreet Singh

Make every moment with your lover count, tell them how much they mean to you. Because what if they aren’t around anymore the next moment? A bit on that thought, and a bit on others, this song is so soulful, so romantic! 

4. Waalian, Harnoor 

A beautiful song to dedicate and melodious song to listen to, this Punjabi track makes the heart skip a beat and you wish for a love that’s forever.

5. Akhiyan, Jatt & Juliet
Are you two a mushy couple? Then make this song yours since its just as sappy as you two. Why, you ask? The singers in the song are asking each other ‘akhiyan nu akhiyan vich rehen de’.

6. Prada, Jass Manak
I admit that Punjabi songs mention a lot of brands but if the song is as lovely as this one – you can totally forgive that!

7. Akhar, Amrinder Gill
With a voice so melodious and lyrics so meaningful, this song was bound to win our hearts and become a favourite.



8. Ishq Di Baajiyaan, Diljit Dosanjh
Diljit is the king of our hearts when it comes to Punjabi songs ‘coz no matter what the genre is, he does full justice to it!

9. Sohneya, Miss Pooja & Milind Gaba
In this song, the girl is complaining that the guy doesn’t love her. So why is this in the romantic section and not the sad section? Because, when Milind Gaba serenades her and tells her he loves her with all his heart, you’ll melt into a puddle of mush!

10. Main Teri Ho Gayi, Milind Gaba
Have you ever pledged undying, unconditional and unwavering love to your partner? If not, do it with this song!

11. Khaab, Akhil
Akhil talks about being inseparable from his love and if you’re the same with your partner, listen to this song on repeat!

12. Nit Khair Manga, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
When you truly love someone, all you can ask for is that they’re always healthy and happy. Nobody could have put that in words better than legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan himself. 

13. Baby You by Jassie Gill
To a greater extent a coy tune, Baby You by Jassie Gill is ideally suited for each couple who share an enthusiastic energy than a stalwart romantic. Celebrate the sweet obsession of one another by falling in one another’s arms on this melody. One more fun yet heartfelt Punjabi melody with words ideal for him to astound his lady with best dance moves

14. Tere Karke by Guri
Celebrating the connection between a dating couple, Tere Karke by well known Punjabi vocalist, Guri is a pleasant number to play out a slow couple dance. Ideal for quite a while dating a couple, this heartfelt Punjabi melody will remind you of your old romantic dating days.

15. Deewana by Akhil
Each romantic person will concur with us on how heartfelt Deewana by Akhil and Pav Dharia is. The verses, the music, everything is only so in a state of harmony with the energy somewhere down in-affection couples share. Despite the fact that this tune is for the most part about the person celebrating the magnificence he finds in his adoration for her.

Punjabi songs are just bubbly or chirpy and don’t come to mind when it is about a party, punjabi songs have different meanings and flavours from romantic to family dance numbers. If you don’t believe me, check these songs out above.


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