Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice: DIY Beauty Recipes To Give You That Autumn Wala Glow

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Oct 19, 2020
Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice: DIY Beauty Recipes To Give You That Autumn Wala Glow


The days are getting shorter and the nights are becoming colder; it’s officially the month of spooks, y’all fall.

There’s no month like October. Subtle chill in the air, the slow transition to wearing warmer clothes, sipping on hot chocolate with marshmallows and pumpkin spice lattes, yum! Is it just me or there’s something magical about pumpkins and October? From pumpkin spice beverages to pumpkin pie to jack o lanterns, don’t you love this giant orange fruit?

But did you know that pumpkins are amazing for our skin too, not just our taste buds, as they are rich in beta carotene that helps convert vitamin A to make our immune system better, helps fight off skin damage and so on. Keep on reading to know how you can enjoy its beauty benefits today.

Beauty Benefits Of Pumpkins

If you do not like the peculiar taste of pumpkins, you’re not alone as it’s not for everybody. But using it on your face and hair to reek all its benefits, everybody definitely wants that!

Here’s how you can soak in the goodness of pumpkin, just in time for the cold weather!

Pumpkin Face Mask

The king of autumn produce is amazing for skin as it makes it glow, brightens the skin complexion, events out the skin tone, protects the skin from the sun’s wrath and moisturizes it from within. Here’s how you can make a delicious pumpkin face mask that’s gonna make your skin so happy.

You’ll need:

– Pumpkin puree, 2 tbsp.

– Honey, 1 tbsp.

– Milk, 1.5 tbsp.

– Bowl

Step 1: In a bowl, mix all of the ingredients together. Make sure there’s no pulp in the mixture.

Step 2: Using MyGlamm GLOW Iridescent Brightening Face Cleanser, wash your face and pat it dry, for that glow-from-within look.

Step 3: After washing your face, apply a thin layer of your DIY pumpkin face mask and let it sit on your face for about 30 minutes and then wash it off.

You can use this mask 2-3 times a week and we bet your skin will thank you every day. If you have acne scars, make sure you add 2 tbsp. of fresh tomato puree too.

Pumpkin Lip Scrub

Our lips are particularly dry in the cold weather, right? And if you love flaunting darker lip colours in winter, you’d know how annoying it gets when everybody can see your cracked lips through your lipstick, making a not so subtle statement. But not anymore!

Scrub away those nitty grities with a DIY pumpkin scrub.

You’ll need:

– Pumpkin pie spice, 1 tbsp.

– Brown sugar, 1 tbsp.

– Coconut oil, 2 tbsp.

– Vanilla extract, 1 tbsp.

– Empty jar

Step 1: In a bowl, add all the ingredients and mix it all together.

Step 2: Once everything is mixed well, transfer it into a tiny lip balm jar and that’s it.

Use this super delicious DIY lip scrub before applying your matte lipstick. Do not forget to apply a lip balm after you’ve scrubbed your lips so that they stay soft and plump all day long.


Pumpkin Body Scrub

Not just your face, pumpkin has amazing beauty benefits for your body too, due to the natural enzymes found in them. Did you know that those enzymes eat away the dead skin and rejuvenate the skin’s texture? Here’s how you can make a DIY pumpkin body scrub to enjoy all of these benefits:

You’ll need:

– Pumpkin puree, 1.5 tbsp.

– Coarse sugar, 1 cup

– Honey, 1 tbsp.

– Sweet almond oil, 1 tbsp.

– Empty bottle or a mason jar

Step 1: In your container, add all of the above-mentioned ingredients and mix them well using a spoon.

Step 2: Just how you’d use any body scrub, use it once you’re soaking wet and enjoy its benefits. Just don’t forget to moisturize your body afterward.

Unlike other DIYs, you should make this 10-15 mins before taking bath otherwise the sugar will melt and then it won’t ‘scrub’ anything. You can always add artificial fragrance (if you’re not allergic) or essential oils to change the way it smells.

Pumpkin Hair Mask

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are a sucker for a good ol hair mask. Pumpkin is amazing for our hair and just using it once on your hair will make you fall madly in love with it.

You’ll need:

– Pumpkin puree, 1.3 tbsp.

– Coconut or olive oil, 2 tbsp.

– Honey, 1 tbsp.

– Bowl

Step 1: In a microwave bowl, add the hair oil and honey and microwave them for about 60 seconds.

Step 2: Once the mixture is hot and runny, add the pumpkin puree to it and mix it well. Apply it on your scalp and let it sit for about 45 minutes.

We bet you won’t be able to stop touching your mane after using it.

We’re still waiting for our fairy godmother to turn a pumpkin into a carriage so we can attend the ball, TBH!

Featured Image: Pinterest, YouTube