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How To Pull Off A Secret Wedding Like Virat And Anushka!

How To Pull Off A Secret Wedding Like Virat And Anushka!

Accept it, the Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding has broken the internet. We’d been rooting for the couple for so long that seeing them get married made our hearts collectively beat faster. And while there are so many things to take away from the wedding – from her lehenga to the decor to the absolutely stunning venue in Tuscany – the thing that we loved the most was how low-key the whole wedding was. 


Living in a country where weddings are all about the ostentatious display of wealth and nothing about celebrating the couple and their love for each other, this wedding has come like a breath of fresh air. And as a girl who has been planning her wedding for a pretty long time, I’ve already decided to make mine a secret wedding. After all, who wants some hundred people at their wedding who are only there to eat and then gossip and pick faults with everything? Umm…not me!

But Virat and Anushka aren’t the first to pull off such a wedding. Previously, Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra did it too! While the whole industry was excited about the wedding on April 14, 2014, the couple secretly got hitched in an extremely private ceremony in Italy with only about 20 other people. Pictures from their wedding have still not been made available to the public. 

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding was a super private affair as well. The couple who were wed in August 2015 invited guests over on the pretext of a birthday party so as to not reveal the details of their wedding to the world. They got married in their own backyard and all the details and plans were kept strictly under wraps.

So how is a wedding of this scale pulled off without a word of it leaking? By working with a team of highly trusted individuals and what I assume, tons of airtight Non-Disclosure contracts that forbid these people from revealing any details. 

Even though the team that pulled off this amazing wedding consisted of talented teams like Stories By Joseph Radhik, The Wedding Filmer, Devika Narain and Sabyasachi, all these people must have been under strict instructions to keep everything under wraps and would have gone as far as to ensure that even their team members and workers would not know whose wedding was being planned. More importantly, planning a wedding this scale is not easy, so there is a high possibility that the guests were told about the same as late as possible.

As far as the location is concerned, the hotel also must be under strict orders to reveal no details to anybody as well as create a high-security corridor around the area to ensure no paparazzi or unwelcome guests could get past the security. But the best part about their secret wedding are all the memes it has given the internet.

And from what I feel, the Manyavar ad was probably a hint at their upcoming wedding considering the timing. We have to give it to the smart couple for their amazing pre-wedding shoot, or as we like to call the ad, now. 

Brb, going to select my wedding venue!

Details will be updated as soon as we get in touch with the vendors. Stay tuned till then!

12 Dec 2017

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