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‘Tis The Season: 5 Products To Add To Your Winter Hair Care Regimen

‘Tis The Season: 5 Products To Add To Your Winter Hair Care Regimen

Sweater weather is all cute and cosy until you realise your hair feels a little off. The chill in the air can make your hair look frizzy and make your locks look limp and flat. If this is what you are going through, don’t give up because slight tweaks to your haircare routine are all you need to get your hair back on track. And by tweaks, we mean adding these winter-essential haircare products to your beauty routine. Read on to find out more!

Must-Have Haircare Products For Winter Season


Oil Genesis 

The first rule to healthy hair is offering it the right nourishment and improving blood circulation. A nutritional blend of oils for your hair is perfect for achieving your hair goals during the winter. Massaging your hair with oil will not only improve blood circulation on your scalp but will also moisturise it and coat it with shine. Look for hair oils that offer a mix of carrier oils and not just plain organic coconut oil for best results. We love castor oil to banish hair fall, jojoba oil for shine and essential oils like rosemary and tea tree for keeping dandruff at bay and invigorating scalp to promote stronger hair growth.

Natural Cleanse 

Cleansing hair with a nourishing shampoo is the secret to a healthy mane all year round. The ideal shampoo for winter haircare should contain natural ingredients and work to effectively get rid of scalp buildup without stripping the hair of moisture. An added bonus would be a shampoo that features onion seed oil which is one of the most coveted ingredients to tackle hair fall.

Moisture Dose 

Do not skip conditioner during the winters because your hair will not thank you for it. Cold weather may make your hair limp but it also makes your hair dry without you realising it. A moisturising conditioner will keep your hair nourished and protected during these winter months. The right conditioner will make your locks soft, voluminous, and bouncy without weighing it down. This will ensure your hair is not dull and limp but rather lustrous and healthy. 

Hair Diet 

Serve your mane a healthy meal through your haircare routine with a nature-infused hair spa treatment mask. Time-tested ayurvedic ingredients infused in hair masks are our favourite for treating haircare concerns that occur in extreme weather because they offer the goodness of natural ingredients and science to tackle these concerns without disrupting the scalp’s pH levels. A hair mask that can be applied from root to tip is perfect for all-around care for your locks during winter.

Drops Of Gold 

A good hair serum that promotes softness and shine is all you need to complete your hair care routine in the winter. Opt for a serum that makes your hair soft and offers rich nourishment to effectively detangle your hair. Heavier hair serums that magically transform to lightweight formulas on touch are perfect for this weather. 

Get yourself these winter hair care essentials to treat your locks right this winter.

Featured Images: Pexels

06 Dec 2021

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