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Oh Boy! Priyanka Chopra Took The Plunge With A Risqué Neckline Like No One Was Watching

Oh Boy! Priyanka Chopra Took The Plunge With A Risqué Neckline Like No One Was Watching

If you’ve ever tried venturing out with a not-so-easy-to-handle read plunging neckline, you will know the many issues you might face when wearing one. From working it in the most comfortable and effortless manner to making sure there is no faux pas, donning a risqué neckline has its fair shares of struggles. Then how does one make sure that everything is spot on and smooth? For one, the celebrities have perfected the tricks and should you wish to take notes, there are plenty available, as seen once again in Priyanka Chopra’s latest appearance. All set to find out more?

How Priyanka Chopra Wore The Risqué Neckline

A global icon in her own right, the Bollywood (and Hollywood) actress worked a risky neckline in the most efficient manner possible. Continue reading to know all about it. 


Priyanka Chopra’s Complete Look

At home with family, Priyanka Chopra’s recent Instagram snapshots have been all about insights into how she is spending her downtime. Be it working from home, promoting homegrown Indian labels she admires or simply having a good time while serving fashionable looks, the actress has been doing it all. This time, her latest Instagram post was one about the end of summer and with it came some outfit inspiration. In the recent look, her entire outfit remained a mystery (either a top or a dress) but Priyanka Chopra did make a strong case for working the plunging neckline. 

An abstract floral print and seemingly minor ruffles to go with it, the actress’s separate was all about championing the plunging neckline with effortless ease. Held together by thin straps, it was accessorised with hoop earrings with a single pearl, a tinted pair of sunglasses in tow. Before we go on to find out more about the foolproof ways of making the daring neckline work, here’s taking a look at outfits featuring the detail, accessories and beauty finds.


Styling A Plunging Neckline Like Priyanka Chopra

A risqué version may not be one for the fainthearted but should you wish to opt for a summer dress or top that features a similar plunging neckline, there are certain fail-safe ways to make it work. Here’s taking a look at some of the style hacks that help.

—Steer clear of exposed lingerie straps that work against your chic separate, opting for strapless and nude versions in a cut that is in sync with your co-ord. 
—Creating a balanced look is essential. Pair it with accessories such as earrings and bracelets that elevate its status further, ditching longer necklaces that may not team as well. 
—To avoid a faux pas, you can also bring a double-sided tape into the loop; it works wonders!
—Be confident! Pick a plunging neckline style that you can feel comfortable in, rather than forcing yourself to opt for a riskier iteration. 


All set? You go, work that plunging neckline like a boss as Priyanka Chopra did!

Featured Image: Instagram

03 Sep 2020
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